Make a Statement this Summer ~ Wicker, Woven Straw & Bamboo Bags

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like April is such a tease. One day it’s warm. The next day is really cold! I’m so ready to get to the beach, enjoy consistent warm weather, and spend more time outdoors. Thankfully, there is still time to find that perfect wicker, woven straw and/or bamboo bag

Just like last summer, you will be seeing a lot of wicker, woven straw  and/or bamboo bags this summer. And, probably more often at restaurants, than at the beach! These are not the somewhat stereotypical bags we are used to seeing ~ with beach towels and a bag of chips (not that we ever paid attention to such bags). I’m talking fun, creative, and whimsical straw bags that literally make a statement.

Wicker, Woven Straw, Bamboo Bags


If you once believed that every style partnered with wicker, straw, bamboo, raffia, etc. has been exhausted and going out of style. Think again. These bags are not going anywhere. And, they are more clever than ever! Now, you will see them adorned with leather straps, tassels, patches, beads, bows, pom-poms, you name it! 

So, how do you select the one summer bag, to buy? 

Obviously, our primary purpose for carrying a bag is for holding our necessities. However, when searching for your bag, select one that will express your personality.

First, try to define your personality with one word. Simple. Classic. Sophisticated. Fun-loving. Professional. Spirited. Laid back. Etc. Next, find the bag that best illustrates that word. Here are some examples…


Wicker, Woven Straw, Bamboo Bags
This is the ever-so-popular-and-not-going-out-of-style-even-since-last-spring-bag. The Cult Gaia Ark Bag.


Wicker, Woven Straw, Bamboo Bags
Sam Edelman “Jaelynn” round woven straw satchel bag with mixed fabric.


Wicker, Woven Straw, Bamboo Bags
Ava Bamboo Handle, Wicker Satchel

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Here you will find some of my favorite wicker, woven straw, and bamboo bags. Most are on sale, but the ones that are not are worth the price tag. See for yourself. : )

Wicker, Woven Straw & Bamboo Bags 

So, which one of the bags was your favorite? Which one best suits your style and personality?
Rachel Scheyer

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