Week Three Clean Eating

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Good news. I’m still going! Eating mainly fruits, veggies, fish, legumes, nuts, and organic chicken or beef. However, I did need to make an important modification. 

Early last week, I realized that I was growing more fatigued by the afternoons (light-headed, actually, as fatigue has been my new normal for quite some time, now.) It was getting harder to exercise as I was literally seeing black after my cardio time. Not good! Anyway, I resolved that it was a result of the drop-off in carbohydrates. So, I am now eating more potatoes, rice, and healthy low-sugar cereals with Almond milk. My favorite cereal choice is Barbara’s, and there are many varieties offered at most supermarkets! All of her product’s contain healthy, natural ingredients without refined sugar, additives, and preservatives. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE cereal? So, this switch makes me smile. Barbaras

Also, I decided to keep eggs in my diet. Two fried eggs with grilled potatoes, fried onions, and garlic is such a great meal at any time of the day! So, I did a little homework on eggs. I came across this terrific article on a blog (www.eatlifewhole.com) called “How to shop for eggs.” I finally learned the difference between regular, cage-free, organic, and pasture raised eggs!  And, I decided to spend $5.00 more on eggs that are pasture raised. Yes, I said I will be spending $5.00 more every other week when I purchase eggs. Now that Scott and I are growing a garden and cutting down on meats and dairy significantly, we can spend more on the best quality eggs!   These eggs come from chickens that are raised on grassland, with plenty of sun and fed a normal diet in allabouteggslieu of battery cages. Compare that to chickens raised in smothered, dark, battery cages, getting pumped with antibiotics and pesticide-contaminated feed. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to feel like a beefed up, stressed out chicken!   Ok, enough about eggs.

Let’s see, what else…

Oh, Scott and I had lunch at Chipotle on Sunday. It was so delishy-mo! A friend of mine got me turned on to Chipotle. Right now, it’s one of my top five food establishments. Of course it’s quick and inexpensive, so it makes a perfect lunch spot! What I love about Chipotle is how they are reigning in the restaurant industry due to their concerted effort in using organic ingredients and meats from animals that were raised under proper care. Their motto is something like, cooking food with integrity. If you have time, click here to check out their website. More importantly, get over there. Ondelay!

This was the "Bowl" I ordered made with organic chicken, loads of veggies, hot sauce, and guacamole! Wow.
This was the “Bowl” I ordered made with organic chicken, loads of veggies, hot sauce, and guacamole! Wow.

Oh yeah, also…I am officially infusing cheat meals into every week of clean eating. I need to have that weekend splurge. It just makes sense as we are typically eating out or visiting friends, family, or some function on the weekends. Not to mention, this keeps my motivation going. I think of this as an incentive. I highly recommend incentives to anyone trying to accomplish something! Otherwise, we will lose momentum. This past weekend, I had dessert at dinner out on Friday night and a delicious banana water-ice on Sunday. I didn’t allow myself to feel guilty.

So, the big question. How am I doing? How am I feeling? I am feeling significantly healthier…and happier. I’m feeling more toned, again. My clothes are fitting better. Remember, this is not super rigid dieting.

I do have more energy now that I am eating the healthy carbs. My critical time of the month is coming soon, so that will be the real test. It’s the time when I deal with multiple symptoms. Still, I’m optimistic that eating better will improve the quality of my life.

So far, clean eating (or shall I say much cleaner eating), is making me a happier girl!

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