Week Four - Clean Eating

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Well, as I suspected, I am now in my PMDD window, thus making if very difficult to deal with cravings. I did much better, last week, than I would have had I not transitioned to a cleaner approach to eating. However, my cravings are so severe during this time, that I want nothing to do with plain fruit nor boring vegetables. My mouth literally salivates for salt, sugar, chocolate, grease, and CARBS! At times, things can get ugly.

Perhaps because I’ve been eating better, I did not let things get too out of hand. I limited myself to 3 cheat meals: banana water-ice on Thursday; a wedding meal including pastry-filled appetizers and a slice of cake on Saturday; and pancakes with syrup on Sunday morning. I’m not that disappointed in myself, actually. I could have given in to my temptation to eat buffalo wings, Oreos, and ice-cream. That’s what I would do before. In one sitting!

I had the delicious pound cake with chocolate chips and mocha icing.
I had the delicious pound cake with chocolate chips and mocha icing.

Aside from these 3 cheat meals, I tried to eat in a way to proactively curb my cravings. I ate more fiber; especially more Cereal (Barbara’s cereal with Low Sugar Granola and Almond Milk). When I wanted something sweet, I made a fruit smoothie or added a teaspoon of honey to my cereal. It worked. Sure, I consumed a lot more calories than a typical week, but still, it’s better than wings, Oreos, and ice-cream.

Also, many of my other symptoms related to PMDD have been better since eating cleaner. I have less fatigue than before, and I feel much more clear-headed. This is wonderful!

Well, I’m not due for another week, so I can only hope to continue to settle my cravings with smart choices. I foresee another week of more-than-usual carbohydrates; so I will load up my grocery cart today with tropical fruits for smoothies, and almonds, avocados, and corn tortilla chips for snacking.

Speaking of avocados and corn tortilla chips, here is something I made last week. Emeril’s Vegetarian Black Bean Chili with rice, home-made guacamole and Srirachi, and gluten-free corn chips. A MUST for those of us with cravings for something spicy and crunchy!

LE Woman Vegetarian Chili with Guacamole & Corn Tortillas

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