2 Night Beach Getaway

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Last week, Scott and I hit an all-time high with anxiety and exhaustion.

For me, it was my routine time-of-the-month in which I want to crawl out of my skin due to pain and discomfort.  For Scott, it was a combination of physical and mental exhaustion from work and managing the reno for The House on High Street.

Coincidently, we become very irritable towards one another when we are anxious and exhausted.   It only took me about 5 years to figure out just how to handle these situations.

By the way…Speaking of irritability and the evolution of our response-mechanisms, Scott and I have come such a long way.  We express ourselves much better these days.  It goes something like this…

“What’s your problem?”
“Nothing.  What’s YOUR problem!?”
“I don’t know.  You, perhaps?”
“Leave me alone.”
“No problem!”

A few minutes later…

“You want to get some water-ice?”

Isn’t this the quintessence of marital tension?  I’m still learning…


Anyway, after last week, I realized that we both needed a little more than a water-ice to recharge our batteries and cool down our crankiness.  We needed time at the beach.  

Scott and I are pure-bread beach babies.  We spent much of our separate lives at the beach.  We met at the beach.  And we experienced our first summer together on the beach.  It’s just so natural for us to feel revived as individuals and as a couple, whenever we step foot on a beach.

This time last year we owned an ocean-view condo, and so I was reluctant to book a reservation and stay at a place that was not our own.  I feared that it would not come close by comparison.  But, boy was I wrong!

We had such a wonderful 2 night stay in Avalon & Stone Harbor, NJ.  (Neighboring beach towns.)  We got a great pre-season deal at the hotel, and it was restaurant week at several places!  We didn’t have to worry about laundry or dirty dishes.  We had time to rest, lay in the sun, read, play football and frisbee, take long walks, relax in the hot tub, go out on dinner dates, shop, take naps, share stories, laugh, and eat lots of junk food.

2 nights and 3 days was just enough.

It doesn’t take that long to recharge, but sadly many of us do not make the time for it…until it’s too late. As you look through our pics, may they remind you to make time for getaways for yourself, for your family, and for your friends.

Avalon Beach - Quiet in June.
Avalon Beach – Quiet in June.  I still marvel at God’s extraordinary creation of the ocean.
Rachel Maria
Time at the Pool.  The Windrift~Avalon, NJ
Rachel Maria
Winddrift, Avalon.
Rachel Maria
We walked to the main town in Stone Harbor each day. (That’s a 2 mile hike that worked off our ice cream!)
Scott's Breakfast. This does not happen often, folks.
Scott’s Breakfast at the Windrift Hotel, called the Nor’easter.  This does not happen often, folks.
Before our football and frisbee toss.  I can throw a football.  I am NOT good at throwing a frisbee.  At least I didn’t hit anyone!
Rachel Maria
Breakfast at the Windrift, Avalon. Good food. Great Service. Spectacular views!
Rachel Maria
A kind lifeguard offered to take our picture at the hotel, before heading out for dinner.
Rachel Maria
Home-made pasta at Spiaggetta. Good food. Great service! http://www.spiaggettanj.com
Rachel Maria
Our favorite spot nearby: Mike’s Seafood in Sea Isle, NJ. Great Food. Great Service. Great Fun! http://www.mikesseafood.com
Rachel Maria
Scott was happy with his complimentary order of Mussels served on Mussel Mondays at Mike’s Seafood! No, I didn’t eat any. I don’t eat shellfish, anymore. Yes, I miss it!
Rachel Maria
Scott eating his pizza! At the popular 7 Mile Pies in Stone Harbor! http://www.sevenmilepies.com/

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