The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

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Last week, I shared how I gave a men’s watch (gifted to me, by JORD) to Scott, for Father’s Day. I figured I’d create a Father’s Day Gift Guide, so that I could share a few more ideas. Hopefully, it will help you in finding the perfect Father’s Day Gift for that special dad in your life. 

Father’s Day Gift Guide

I may have mentioned before, that when it comes to giving gifts to one another, Scott and I have a very helpful understanding. It’s called, “Just ask.” It took me a while to agree to this, because I was raised in a family that loved giving surprise gifts. Scott is definitely the more “practical one” in our relationship, but this has definitely worn off on me, in a good way. There’s no more guess work. We ask one another, “What would you like for _______, Dear?” I’m telling you, it makes life a whole lot easier.

Trust me, there is still an element of surprise and spontaneity in our marriage. Today, I can easily walk into one of Scott’s favorite stores (Orvis, Tommy Bahama, Bass Pro Shop, Banana Republic, and/or Nordstrom) and know exactly what he would like. He knows my favorite shops and brands, as well. (Nordstrom, Anthropologie, LOFT, Lagos, Kendra Scott, etc.) I will admit that Scott is better at bringing me a surprise gift from time to time. 99% of the time, it’s exactly what I love! 

Scott gave me a list of ideas to share with you for Father’s Day! I think this will help, if you do prefer surprising that special man in your life! Here are Scott’s top picks (Most are on sale, which is why he selected these!) 

2  / 5 / 6  / 7  /  8

For additional ideas, I’m including this graphic. Remember, if something is on sale, it will go fast! Do yourself a favor. Snag your gift, sooner than later. 

Father’s Day Activities

So, what are you planning for Father’s Day? Here are a few ideas, some from Scott, that may also make your dad/spouse very happy.  

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