Have a SEAT! The Chairs at The House on High Street

The House on High Street

I can’t believe that we are coming up to our FIFTH year living at The House on High Street. It seems like yesterday that we were knocking down walls, filling in holes, replacing trim, and tackling dozens upon dozens of other renovation tasks. Now, I’d say we’re pretty comfortable and settled. (By no means finished! We still have a lot of exterior work that we’re saving up for.)

It’s been fun filling our home with furniture, art, and memories throughout the first five years. We’ve furnished most of the home with items from auctions! Furniture pieces such as coffee tables, end tables, and buffet tables need not be comfortable. Just presentable and functional. Not to mention, the quality of most of our auction pieces is incomparable to most modern-day furniture. I would highly recommend buying used furniture (antique, especially) at an auction, anyday.

But, one thing that we prefer buying brand-spanking new is seating! Since we saved a lot of money in shopping this way, Scott and I decided to spare no expense in the seating department.

The seating in one’s home can say a lot about the homeowners’ style, personality, and hostess-habits. Scott is very laid back, and I love to entertain and make others feel comfortable. This is why we selected our chairs from some of the best furniture stores around. We wanted quality seating in our home, so that we, along with our guests, could relax and enjoy our time together.

I’d like to take you on a little tour around The House on High Street. Perhaps, you’ll feel inspired by some of the ideas and the styles we selected in our seating. Feel free to have a seat, along the way…

1) Rounded Sofa – Atlas Furniture

round sofa

rounded sofa


Our Kitchen is not large enough to house a humungous island and a kitchen table. Something had to go. So, instead, we created an eating space in the sunroom that is adjacent to the kitchen. In order to save space while creating a cozy and attractive nook, we selected this beautiful rounded sofa. It has blue, ivory, and gold stripes, dark wood legs, and antique brass nailheads as trim. The high back supports the perfect meal-time posture, and while it’s not super comfortable (typically, kitchen chairs are not made to sleep in), it’s just right for a standard American meal.

2.) Donna Side Chair with Kick Pleat Skirt – Thomasville

We have two chairs that sit across the rounded sofa. These are called Donna chairs and they have a pretty sand-colored microfibre fabric and a kick pleat skirt. Donna is the Italian word for “lady” or “lady of the house”. It has a traditional and elegant look that complements the sofa and the overall look of the sunroom/eat-in area.

Now, let’s move into the kitchen:

Rustic Kitchen

3) Chapman Swivel Bar & Counter Stool – Frontgate

Colonial Kitchen

counter seat

I remember spending so much time trying to find the perfect counter stool! I was also trying to determine which height to get (while deciding the height of the island). It wasn’t easy finding good quality bar stools that were under $1000 each. Yes, that’s how pricey these bad boys can be! Thankfully, I found beautiful swivel chairs with gorgeous detail and the antique-brass nailhead trim, and I believe I got them for less than $300/each. They were a decent price, for the quality. Scott and I selected the mahogany leather. I got a backless stool for the end spot of the island. I call that, the power seat! (It’s where I typically sit, when we have guests, so I can see everything from the kitchen into the living room.)

Moving into the Living Room:

Living Room

4) Tufted Rendezvous Arm Chair with Skirted Ottoman – Thomasville

This is my chair. I picked it out, specifically for lounging, reading, or having my morning coffee. I’ll be honest. I don’t use it as much as I’d like, these days. Partly because we move it, every year, to the sunroom, in order to make room for the Christmas Tree. Also, because it’s not 6-month-old-baby-friendly and does not face the TV. But, like many chairs, I’m sure there will be upcoming seasons in which this gets more use. This is such a comfortable and well made lounging chair with a pretty pale yellow fabric. It’s also super attractive with the tufted feature and delicate silhouette. It was a little on the pricey side, but worth it. 

5) Leather Claire Recliner – Thomasville

leather armchair

leather armchair

As you probably guessed, this is Scott’s chair. It is the centerpiece of our great room, in that it literally sits in the middle of the kitchen and living room. Originally, I tried convincing Scott to consider a swivel chair. That way, the chair could do a 180 and face either room. However, it’s almost impossible to find a traditional-styled recliner that swivels. (We also had to consider our budget, and so who’s to say we couldn’t find one that was just way off our budget target.) Anyway, this one seemed perfect. It’s comfortable. It reclines. It’s attractive and suits our traditional living room with the antique-bronze nailheads and wooden legs.

6) Briarwood Microbifer Sofa – Raymour & Flanigan

We’ve had this sofa for about six years, so far. There’s so much I love about this sofa. (Scott picked it out, by the way.) It is attractive with it’s clean lines and semi-traditional style; having the wooden legs. I love the microfiber fabric! Not to be gross, but it has endured spilled baby formula, dog throw-up, and a half dozen other spills; as a result of breaking the “Do Not Eat on the Sofa” rule. Yet, it looks spotless! I highly recommend a microfiber sofa because it cleans up so nice and it’s a soft comfy fabric. The large pillow-back on this sofa provides just the right amount of back support and reclining ability. The two accent pillows were made by Bassett, later on, when we purchased an ottoman.

7) Custom Tufted Ottoman – Bassett

tufted ottoman

Another piece, that Scott picked out, is the custom tufted ottoman. I remember he took FOREVER looking for the perfect ottoman. I was getting impatient. But, I’m glad we waited. This ottoman is beautiful, comfortable, and functional! It serves as a seat, which is why I am including it in this post. Sometimes, when we have a large gathering, we move it to the perimeter of the living area to make more room for seating. Not to mention, this is COOPER’S chair! Yes, it was a little costly. BUT, it is well worth the investment.

Dining Room…

Dining Room Chairs

Dining Chairs

8) Bibbiano Side Chairs and Leather Arm Chairs – Thomasville

Fall Decor


The Dining Room was the first room that we purchased seating for. It kinda happened by accident. We were perusing a nearby Thomasville Furniture store, and happened to see eight beautifully ornate and colossal dining chairs, in the clearance section. There was nothing wrong with them! I believe someone had them custom made and there was never a purchase. Have I mentioned how big they are? Have I mentioned that we have 12 foot ceilings and everything needs to be oversized in order to look proportional? SCORE! We also purchased the coordinating dining table and arm chairs. We decided to go leather for the arm chairs, and as you can see, all seats have the same gorgeous design with the antique-brass nailheads. The dining seats were a great deal so we did splurge a bit with the arm chairs. Very worth it. 

9) Shenandoah Tufted Bench – Thomasville

shenandoah bench

tufted bench seat

tufted bench seat

The bench seat was my idea. Having a fairly large family (with a lot of kids), I knew we’d need to be creative when it came to actual “seating” during family gatherings. Now that we have the house (and a real dining room), and mom is getting older; I have been granted the role of hosting most gatherings at The House on High StreetThis bench is the perfect accoutrement! It fit my brother’s three (going on four) small sons. And having large dining chairs (that take up more than the average amount of space, width wise) it just made sense to use a bench for the smaller people. 

In case you’re wondering about the seating in the Formal Living Room… We really don’t sit in here. We stand. And, play pool. 

Pool Table

10) Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Recliner – AMAZON

nursery chair

nursery rocking chair

I think I saved the best for last. This chair may not look as exciting as the rest, but I absolutely love this chair. It has sentimental value, because it was here that I rocked Baby Banana to sleep for almost two years. (Best memories of my life.) Every mamma needs a rocking chair. I searched high and low for the perfect chair that would be comfortable yet suitable for a pretty nursery. (Hard to believe but the most comfortable seats are typically least attractive.) However, sometimes compromises need to be made. Guess what? I purchased this on Amazon Prime! (Click here to see for yourself!) And, you can buy this chair in different fabrics ranging from $298-$349? If you’re a mom or if you know a mom, this chair is everything! Sure, there are better chairs out there, but they are very expensive. This one met my every standard. The only thing I’m not crazy about is that the swivel hardware shows a little bit, underneath. BUT! I can rock a baby to sleep in this chair. And, when the sun is setting, I can turn it towards the window, while singing lullabies. If I start to get tired, I’ll kick my feet up and take a snooze with baby in hand. Unfortunately, Baby Berry does not like to be held to sleep as Banana did. So, I’m not using it as much. But, who knows what the future holds for this chair. 

Well, there you have it. A roundup of seats at The House on High Street. If you ever come and visit us, hopefully you will see for yourself, that it’s super comfy and cozy here. Thanks to these magnificent seats.


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