TEN Extraordinary Baby-Gift Ideas

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We all love the feeling of giving that perfect gift. But, when it comes to bridal and baby showers, the competition is rather stiff. While it’s pretty standard to stick to the registry; I think it’s also nice to add a unique little gift as the perfect, extra touch. That’s not as easy as it sounds. There are several occasions that will come and go during a baby’s first few years of life. So, I wanted to provide some unique ideas to help you select the perfect baby gift with confidence. 

As a foster mom, so far, I’ve experienced the first two years of a baby’s life. I’ve received a lot of beautiful gifts and purchased some little treasures, myself. Having only girls, so far, I feel it’s sometimes harder to shop for girls, because there are so many options! Then again, my boy-mommy friends will say that shopping for boys is harder because there is so much less variety. I guess it depends. 

With the help of my sister-in-law (who gave me some ideas for baby-boy gifts) I’ve made up a list of Ten Extraordinary Baby Gifts that have a better chance of standing out at your next baby-shower, baptism, first Christmas, etc. I own most of these items, so I can personally vouch for their quality and effectiveness. The others, all of which I would certainly make good use of, have excellent reviews by consumers. 

So, here they are, in no particular order:

Ten Extraordinary Baby-Gift Ideas

1) Soraco Baby Bottle Drying Rack  and Accessories

2.) Classic Seersuckers for BOYS or GIRLS

3.) Monthly Milestone Accessory for BOYS or GIRLS

4.) WubbaNub Pacifier

5.) Baby Girl Shoe Socks

6.) Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches

7.) Monogrammed Baseball Bat for Baby Boy

8.) Portable Sound Machine

9) Stroller Smartphone Holder 

10) Baby Memory Book & Journal

Well, there you have it. Ten Extraordinary Baby-Gift ideas that will most likely stand out amongst the rest of typical registry gifts. Since they’re all less than $20, I’d personally add this to an item on the registry. That way, you’re giving the parent(s) something they want along with something they may not have even thought to get. 




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