Summer Baby in WHITE


Banana is loving the summer! It means more day trips and time in the sun. (With sunblock, of course!)

During the past several weeks, I’ve been collecting beautiful and feminine items for Baby B from… you guessed it, AMAZON! And, I wonder if you’d be surprised that my favorite pieces are all W-H-I-T-E. My favorite color. ; )

I have to say, everywhere we go, people will stop to look at Banana. They’ll often comment on just how beautiful she is. (I can’t help but to agree!)

stone harbor

She’s pretty in every color. But, I absolutely love dressing her in white. I can’t share many pictures of her, so I figured I’d share some of her wardrobe pieces.

Summer Baby


Maybe there’s a beautiful baby girl that you think would look adorable in a white bonnet? Jeffrey ruffled socks? Lacey, strapped shoes? Or, a classic eyelet dress? Who couldn’t use a hooded beach cover-up? Or just a simple short-sleeved cotton white dress?

Have at it! xo

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