Starting a Home Renovation

The House on High Street

During the past 2 weeks, we have been doing more “behind the scenes” work in preparing for the renovations of The House on High Street. Such as… completing loan applications from a few banks; interviewing contractors; building a portfolio of ideas, meeting with an architect, making dozens of lists (from budgetary to DIY project lists); and of course, arguing over just about every detail (we are learning how to have productive arguments)… 

I am so excited about designing Rachel Maria’s Kitchen! It will be unique. It will be warm. It will be rustic. It will be authentic. It will be sunny. It will have the smell of an authentic italian style restaurant.  There will be music. There will be laughter. There will be satisfied palettes. : )’
In turn, Handy Scott will assume Lead Project Manager of Renovations. From selecting all major contractors and overseeing all restoration projects.
We met with our architect, Jack Bishop (from Bishop & Smith), today to review drawings.  The good news is that 3 heads are better than two. The bad news is we fear that our overall renovation list has just doubled in size! At least we left there with a “To-Do” list of preliminary tasks (we can tackle ourselves) such as: removing the doors in preparation for stripping; experimenting with the paint on the trim to see if we can strip it ourselves (don’t worry Scott has respirator equipment); break down a few (non-bearing…so we think) walls; and working on the outdoor shed (which will soon become an instrumental “construction work-room” throughout renovations).
Meanwhile, I’m dedicating more time to my website-blog. And Scott is recovering from his annual Sinus Infection which has made his life and this week semi-miserable. Thank you Z-pack.
We are hoping for a healthy, productive, and danger/stress/hazard-free weekend.
And so, for now, here are some Pre-Reno pictures of The House on High Street.  






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