Spring Essentials at Anthropologie

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Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with a very talented team of women, at Anthropologie. I was looking for some ideas for spring essentials. Specifically, lightweight jackets, cardigans to wear over cute tee shirts and pretty blouses, mule shoes, and fun bucket and cross-body handbags.

I must say, I was beyond impressed with the service and talent represented by the staff at my nearest Anthropologie in Marlton, New Jersey. If you’re ever get a chance to visit this store, ask for Shari, their stylist. She picked out some items for me that I honestly would have never considered. But, after trying them on, I was amazed at how the items looked and felt. 

Spring Essentials at Anthropologie

Here are some of the pieces I got to try on, yesterday. I honestly don’t have a favorite because each piece was uniquely selected. 

If there is an item you’d like more information on, simply click on the corresponding numbered link below. Or you can go straight to the  on-line website, here. 

 1 /  2 /  3   /  4   /  5 /  6   /  7  /  8  / 9   /  10

Some pieces that I fell I love with, I could not find on line. Like this beautiful white jumpsuit. You may need to visit a store for this item. Or, you can purchase the denim jumpsuit, online. 

So, how about you? What are your favorite spring essentials?

Rachel Scheyer

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