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Holy cow! Why have I waited this long? All this time, I never knew what I was missing. Yes, I had been to Aldi before. But, it was a while ago. It wasn’t essential for me to drive a few extra miles to save some money. Not to mention, I hadn’t realized how much of an upgrade this store has received. It’s much nicer and cleaner than I remembered and the selection of products is much better. But, after my visit this week, I’m totally hooked! From this point forward, I will always do some shopping at Aldi!

As you now know, my family has morphed into minivan contendership, practically overnight (read about that here), I think it’s about time that I start shopping at Aldi! It’s ridiculously great quality food and fantabulous prices. Come and see. I’m so excited about my finds. Almost as much as I’m excited about my new minivan! 

Shopping at Aldi

So, here are the items that I will definitely add to my “ALWAYS” Aldi List.

Shopping at Aldi
Tikka Masala Sauce

1.) Journey to India Tikka Masala SauceAre you following me on Instagram, yet? If not, you are missing all the fun! I do live cooking demos and share my most intimate (often crazy and hyper) moments! Anyway, I made Chicken Tikka Masala this week, and it took my twelve minutes. TWELVE MINUTES. I chopped up onion, pepper, and cubed chicken breast. Fried in some olive oil, added this sauce, and threw it over basmati rice. Oh my merciful heavens! This was so good. I didn’t even miss the naan. Not to mention, as soon as those two babies arrive full time, in June, I’m going to need more quick-meals, like this! 

Shopping at Aldi
Produce at Aldi

2.) The Produce – I was pleasantly surprised by the produce at Aldi! Specifically, (because I obviously haven’t tried everything), Scott and I loved the cantaloupe, watermelon, blueberries, and peppers! They even have a section of organic produce that is “overall” a better price than your standard supermarkets. I should probably mention that Aldi is known for it’s healthier food options at more affordable prices! If you shop organic, this is the place for you! (Next to Trader Joes, which I’ll cover at another time.)


Shopping at Aldi

3.) Organic Eggs – At $3.49 a dozen? Unless they’re on sale at Shoprite, I’m buying my eggs from Aldi! I haven’t gone through all dozen, yet. But, so far they look as fresh as the date specifies on the carton. 

Shopping at Aldi
Pedigree Dog Food

4.) Pedigree Dog Food – This is Cooper’s favorite dinner! And, this is the best (non-sale) price we have seen, so far! Scott and I prefer the choice cuts because it’s not as gross as the compact, ground version. It pours out of the can, so we don’t need to use a fork! (Cooper also eats a peanut butter sandwich with an “anxiety” tablet for breakfast and Blue Dog food, which we keep in his bowl at all times, for snacking.)

Shopping at Aldi
Little Journey Organic Baby Food

5.) Little Journey Organic Baby Food – So, by now you know to always look for that USDA Organic seal in search of truly organic foods, right? At only .79, I thought this was too good to be true! Surprisingly, Blue loved it! I forget offhand how many varieties they had. But, enough to keep us satisfied for a while, I’d say. (Blue also loves cereal with smooshed banana, applesauce, yogurt, and his formula!)

**I also loved Aldi’s Trail Mix and Specifically Selected Cashews! Overall, the snack section (both healthy and not-so-healthy) is awesome!

Next up: Here are the items that I will add to my “SOMETIMES” Aldi List.

Shopping at Aldi
Simply Nature Salad Dressing

1.) Simply Nature Salad Dressing – I loved this dressing. It was only $1.99 for a 12 oz. bottle. It’s organic and surprisingly delicious! I was even happy to notice that the sugar content was not too high. In fact, the only reason I am placing this in my “Sometimes” category is because I try to make my own dressing at home where I can have the most control over the sugar content. 

Quick tangent… 

Simply Nature is one of Aldi’s main organic brands that, so far, I’m pleased with. Here are a bunch of “Simply Nature” items that I hope to try in the near future!

Simply Nature Shopping at Aldi

Shopping at Aldi
Organic Coffee Beans

2.) Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee Beans – At $6.39/lb. these organic coffee beans are a great deal! The problem is the store does not have a coffee grinder. I don’t have a coffee grinder. So, that’s why I’m putting this on the “Sometimes” Aldi List. 

Shopping at Aldi
Lunch Buddies Naturally Flavored Fruit Flavored Snacks

3.) Lunch Buddies Naturally Flavored Fruit Flavored Snacks – As some of you witnessed via my Insta-stories, I am potentially obsessed with these. I bought them for Brownie & Bean! But, I made the mistake of trying them myself. (I was just so impressed with the ingredient list and how they use real fruits and veggies for the coloring.) I was not expecting for them to be so chewy and delicious! I’m eating a few packets a day! Thankfully, they’re tiny and only 80 calories. But, what did I do myself?? These need to be in the “Sometimes” category. Let’s hope I can keep it there!

Specially Selected Ahi Tuna & Salmon

4.) Specially Selected Ahi Tuna & Salmon – The Specially Selected brand is also popular at Aldi. It includes items in dairy, freezer, snacks, etc. These are not mainly organic, but I like how the seafood is vacuum sealed and priced great! ($7.59/lb.) 

Shopping at Aldi
Simply Nature Granola Bars

5.) Simply Nature Granola Bars – I got these for Scott, because he is on the road a lot driving to meetings. He seems to like them as he box is already dwindling down. I’m not sure if this will be a regular item because he likes to mix things up quite a bit. 

Lastly: There is only one item from this week’s Aldi trip that did NOT make the list. 

Shopping at Aldi
Little Journey Diapers

Little Journey Diapers – You know how sometimes you’re in one store and you don’t want to make a separate trip to get that other essential item? I needed diapers on this particular day and I was too lazy to make a second trip to Shoprite. (Scott and I LOVE Shoprite Diapers!) Anyway, for $4.29 I figured I had nothing to lose ($0.13 each). I wanted to like these, but I already knew they wouldn’t compare to Shoprite at ($.20-.25 each). Overall, they’re not bad! Blue couldn’t tell the difference. LOL But, Scott and I felt that it wasn’t as absorbent as the Shoprite brand. And, the diaper itself isn’t made as well. IMHO, Shoprite diapers are honestly as nice as Pampers and Huggies. 

So, this is the only item, so far, that I will not get at Aldi. I’m sticking to Shoprite brand!

There are many other items that I didn’t mention in this post that I purchased. Some I haven’t gotten into. (Others, I’m ashamed to admit how quickly I’m running low on!)

Overall, I’m totally hooked on shopping at Aldi! There’s really just one problem. I don’t know how I’m going to work it into the food-shopping rotation! I mean, I’m still getting diapers at Shoprite. Offhand, I’m presuming meats and deli items, as well. But, I don’t have enough experience with Aldi (yet) to know which items they don’t carry. Not to mention, I recently fell in love with the Shoprite from Home feature. So, I’ll keep you posted on how often I make the trip to Aldi. (I’m thinking bimonthly.)

So, have you been to Aldi? Tell me about your favorite deals!

Rachel Scheyer


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  • April 27

    Ive shopped Aldis every week for the past 36 years and Ive seen a lot of changes ad improvements. We dont have a pick up or delivery service here yet, but that would be a dream. I hate shopping for food every week. Thanks for sharing, love the blog too.