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Recently, Scott was awarded a trip to the Secrets Resort, in Los Cabos, for being amongst the top ten percent Outside-Sales Reps, for Home Depot. Of course, I was thrilled to be invited and super proud of my hubby for his accomplishments. The Secrets resort, in Los Cabos, is a gorgeous resort with an intertwined gold course and breathtaking views. From the ocean and mountains, to palm trees and cactus! Talk about a great mix. Speaking of mix, I was excited to sport some of my favorite resort wear pieces mainly from Revolve, Amazon, Nordstrom, and Walmart. (I guess you can say that’s another great mix, right there!)

We decided to add on a day before and after Scott’s 4-day designated work-trip. It was our first (and possibly last) time in Los Cabos. And, if we were traveling this far (from New Jersey), we might as well make the most of it. Not to mention, if we are away from our baby boy, Chase, we wanted to get some quality time in. Just the two of us!

First, a little side note about Home Depot… I am completely floored with this organization. I always knew it was a magnificent Home Improvement store with great customer service. But, now I understand more about the outside-sales end. There are a few thousand workers that don’t work in the store. Rather, they work directly with contractors, apartment complexes, hospitals, builders, etc. I also learned just how AWESOME this company is especially in how they treat their workers. To offer an all expense paid trip to a beautiful, tropical location, as a reward (and future incentive) for their top performing sales men and women… It just makes me so happy that Scott is a part of the Home Depot Team! I’m even more proud that he’s doing well and getting acknowledged for his work. In such an extraordinary way!

Secrets in Los Cabos

Ok, so back to our trip!

We stayed at the Secrets Resort in Los Cabos. This resort was absolutely breath-taking, and the weather perfectly warm and sunny. Even the evenings were comfortable. The entire property is immaculate with the friendliest and hardest working staff one can wish for.

Resort Wear Secrets Los Cabos

Secrets Resort in Los Cabos is situated on a golf course, overlooking the beach. One thing that Scott and I may have underestimated was the west coast waves! They can be pretty rough and fierce. Not ideal for swimming, but so therapeutic just watching!

Resort Wear Secrets Los Cabos
Resort Wear Secrets Los Cabos
Resort Wear Secrets Los Cabos
Resort Wear Secrets Los Cabos
Resort Wear Secrets Los Cabos

We couldn’t have asked for a better spot to spend a vacation. Have I mentioned yet how much I love Home Depot?

(Thank you, Home Depot for appreciating your employees and providing such outstanding leadership!)

Resort Wear Picks for Los Cabos

Ok, so now on to the fun stuff. At least for us, girls. What did I pack? What did I end up wearing? To the pool? The restaurants? The awards banquet? etc. I’ll break it down in pictures with shop-able links. (Just click on the photos OR Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post.)

When it comes to packing affordable-yet-stylish apparel, my trick is to combine fresh and new designer styles with basics that I can grab anywhere! (Such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.) You don’t need to spend a million bucks to look a million bucks! Hopefully, these looks will inspire you for your next upcoming vacation. But, keep in mind, most of these pieces will sell out before summer.

Resort Wear Los Cabos
Day One ~ This is the swimming (lazy-river-like) pool, outside of our hotel room! Yes, we swam in this at least once every day!
Resort Wear Los Cabos
Scott and I spent our first evening, alone, at the Oasis Restaurant. Great seafood! Such a romantic backdrop! I love this two piece eyelet dress I wore. Super comfortable and beach-y.
Resort Wear Los Cabos
Here it is again. I wore it with my beloved Cult Gaia dupe bag from Amazon. (Which got a lot of attention!) Along with gladiator sandals… Also from Amazon!
When in Cabo… drink wine! Especially in the evenings with dinner. ; )
Day Two! The first night with Home Depot. They had a welcome party on the property. This was the perfect outfit for a lawn party! It’s so pretty and lightweight.
Resort Wear Los Cabos
Here it is from the back. So pretty!
Resort Wear Secrets Los Cabos
We spent a day snorkeling with most of the Home Depot Group! There were a few other excursions available. I wore my high rise bikini from Amazon. Yes, it’s still growing on Scott.
This photo was taken right before Scott’s Awards Banquet. It was a special evening in which each designated sales rep was recognized. I wore this pretty two piece with comfortable gladiator sandals.
Yes, I made some time to at least walk around the gorgeous property, a few times, during our stay. It was the least I could do with an all-inclusive meal plan!
One of my favorite coverups was the beautiful pink halter dress!
Resort Wear Los Cabos
By the fourth night, it was time to have some fun! We went to the night club after dinner. This was the perfect outfit! A denim corset and white stretch capris!
Resort Wear Los Cabos
Every day was perfect. And, every evening began with a beautiful sunset!
I wish we had more time to spend in our swim out pool! I did, however, spend every morning sipping coffee with this glorious view. Here, I’m wearing one of my favorite kimonos! I also love that you can pair a kimono with a dress or a casual outfit. Like cut-off shorts and a tank! This will get its wear, back home throughout the summer!
This was our second to last night. We ate at the Italian Restaurant this night, and honestly? We were not that impressed. Then again, I am an Italian Cook. So, our standards may be a little high in this category! (The Mexican food, however, was THE BEST!!!)
Resort Wear Secrets Los Cabos
Since we added on a day before and after Home Depot’s designated dates, our last day was nice and quiet. We took long strolls and took in every last ounce of the ocean breeze and ridiculously perfect weather!

Well, there you have it! Six glorious nights at Secrets in Los Cabos. And, several fun resort-wear pieces good for Summer 2019! Which was your favorite look?

Rachel Scheyer
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