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I spend quite a bit of time in my kitchen. Lately, I’ve been doing cooking demos on my Instagram Stories. My followers are enjoying them because they are 100% unscripted and interactive. Scott loves that I’m doing this because according to him, I’m cranking out more meals each week. (I don’t notice a difference, but whatever.)

I was recently asked for some advice on kitchen tools and gadgets. It wasn’t easy narrowing it down to my top ten. But, these are my top 10 kitchen items based on convenience, durability, and value.*

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One – Belgique Pots by Tools of the Trade. I’ve had these pots for over 20 years. I not only love how durable they are. I love the traditional curved shape. They just look so pretty on the stove. They come in different varieties. I do prefer the copper bottom because it adds even an more traditional aesthetic, but I’m happy with what I have. These pots are also ridiculously inexpensive! 

Two – J.A. Henckels Knife Set. Another staple in my kitchen for over 20 years! I lost a few pieces, over the years. Ironically, the knives I use the most are still with me. The chef’s knife! (Sure, I’d love one of those professional expensive ones, someday, but this one is really quite nice.) The steak knife. The serated knife. The paring knife. And, the sharpening tool. In my opinion, these are the essential five cutlery pieces for cooking! 

Three – KitchenAid Mixer. Baking is so much easier with a KitchenAid mixer! Even if I solely used this bad-boy for my soon-to-be-famous Biscottis, it’d be worth it. (I’ll be doing a cooking demo on making biscottis, very soon, on my Insta-stories!

Four – Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee Maker. Yes. I could make it on just a single serve coffee maker! (99% of the time, we’re only making 2 cups in the morning!) I keep it in my bedroom, and if I still had my own office, I’d keep one there, for sure! This makes a surprisingly good cup of Joe! It’s inexpensive. And, there’s tons of options for pods so you can experiment until you find the blend that suits you best. (Scott and I love the Donut Shop Extra Bold.)

Five – Vinlux Pro Wine Aerator.  The best thing about using a wine aerator is that it boosts the taste of wine to a more expensive quality. Trust me in this! Also, this particular brand is one of the best, priced rather inexpensively, and makes a great gift! In some respects, buying a wine aerator will save you money because your $20 bottle will be immediately upgraded to a $30 bottle. Do you see how that works? ; )

Six – Cast Iron Dutch Oven.  I swear by using a Dutch Oven when it comes to Soups, Peppers, Roast Beef, and my Italian Style Gravy! The cast iron provides superior heat distribution (even in the lid) and is able to tolerate higher temperatures (up to 500°F). This heavy duty pot gives my peppers a delicious, crispy sweet finish. I also love how I can pop it in the oven to finish off a roast. The particular model I have linked here is LODGE. It has over 6,000 high ratings on Amazon. At only $73.99 you’re getting a 7.5 quart pot that is “as good as” the Le Creuset that averages $350! 

Seven – Spiralizer . If you’re watching your carbs, you’ll want to start eating more zoodles! (Spaghetti shaped Zucchini) I have a great recipe for any skeptics, right here. I love how quick and easy it is to make zoodles with any spiralizer. This one is as simple as they come. But, if you prefer a spiralizer that takes up a bit more space but does a lot more, here it is. This one has several blades and can shred and slice just about any vegetable you can think of. 

Eight – Measuring Cups & Spoons Set. I know. Everyone already has measuring cups and spoons. But, check these out. They are stainless steel and have a little bit of a unique touch. See for yourself. They’re priced great, too! 

Nine – Stone Ceramic Marble Coated Cast Aluminum fry pan by Alpha.  Say that three times fast! In a nutshell, this frying pan is toxin free and has six layers of non-stick coating. I do hope you have tossed your teflon pans because they contain toxins! I love my Alpha pan and if you watch any of my cooking demos on my Insta-stories, nine out of ten times, I’m using this pan!

Ten – Instant Read Thermometer. For the carnivorous aficianado, this is a must have! I can’t tell you how often Scott and I are sending a piece of meat back, at a restaurant, because it is overcooked or undercooked. I guess I can understand in a venue that is feeding so many people at once. But, in my kitchen, I rely heavily on my instant read thermometer! It’s fast and accurate. Totally worth the investment!

Well, that about sums it up. It wasn’t easy picking my top ten. But, these all make nice gifts and can definitely up your game in the cooking department! Bon Appetit! 

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