Rachel Maria's Quick & Easy Southwest Burgers

Foster Care & Family

20131028_193656Recipe Yields 4 Burgers


* 1 lb. 80% Lean Ground Beef

* Sharp Cheddar Cheese

* Worcestershire Sauce

* Bar-b-que Sauce

* Garlic Powder

* Salt and Pepper

* Red Onion (Optional)

* Mushrooms (Optional)

* Spanish Onion


* Heat Stove Top Griddle on High

* Form Patties with ground meat and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

* Cook over high heat until burger is easy to flip.

* In the meantime fry onions and mushrooms in a skillet.

* In a small bowl, combine Worcestershire Sauce & Bar-B-Que Sauce

* Spoon or Brush Sauce over the cooked side of each burger; while it is still over the flame.

* Add cheese.  Cover with a Pan to help melt the cheese.

* Top with Mushroom, Fried Onions, and chopped up Spanish Onion.

* Serve on Toasted Buns with Rachel Maria’s Sweet-n-Garlicky Potato Fries!



Flat Roof Coating

The House on High Street

Oct 27 Decisions… re-coat, re-roof on top of old, tear off and re-roof new, change roof pitch, or add new type of roofing material. With a slew of other projects that required funds, Scott and I decided to re-coat the roof, since the current roof was in OK condition. (Per 2 roofing companies’ opinions and that of our home inspector.)

Extraordinary Leaders & Organizations

Foster Care & Family

To all the Teachers, the Pastors, and the Leaders of Organizations-

This past Sunday, I attended a church that I have recently stumbled upon by accident. How I discovered this church is almost as miraculous as the fact that I want to go back for more. This jogged my memory of the last thirty-five years of participating in church congregations, as well as learning institutions and work organizations. From what I’ve experienced, some are effective, and some are not. Some are inviting, while others are unappealing. Some grow, and some cannot retain their members. Some empower, while others micromanage and stifle.

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