Italy Vacation - Part I - Tuscany

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For those of us who love to travel, when visiting a new place, we hope to get the most out of our time and money. Undoubtedly, social media is a convenient and helpful resource that can make a huge difference on a traveler’s wallet and itinerary. Personally, I refuse to travel before reading the typically-reliable reviews, on websites such as tripadvisor, of those who have already “been there and done that”.

Labradoodle ~ Letter from Cooper "I'm an Alpha Dog!"

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Dear Mommy’s Friends,

I am four months old, today! I weigh 16 pounds. I am learning so many new things, like patience and sharing. I’m an Alpha Dog (and, of course, still King of the World). I can growl and bark to help keep intruders away.

Alpha Dogs are strong, fierce, brave, and manly. We are “all boy”, always gravitating towards the men. Not really the cuddly, kissing kind of a dog. I’m sure mommy would have preferred for me to be a cuddly lap dog…glued to her side. But I am NOT a Mamma’s Boy. No, sir! Just see for yourself…

Clearly, you can see that I am an alpha male. I feel bad that I may not be giving mommy enough love or attention. Here’s more proof on how I am not some “Mamma’s Boy”‘…

I have also learned how to bark and growl.

For example, I growl whenever I see my shadow. I know he is up to no good; following me everywhere. So, I will growl at him for 20 minutes straight if he doesn’t leave me alone. I’ll never back down. I’m an alpha-dog.

I’m also learning to guard the house and bark at intruders. I need to alert mommy and daddy whenever someone or something comes near our house. This one man who wears a shirt that says “Fed Ex” (whatever the heck that means) has been trying to get into my house. And, he has the nerve to keep showing up here, every so often. Doesn’t he know that I am an alpha dog?


Thankfully, after I bark, the man wearing a Fed Ex shirt runs back to his truck. Like a little girl, that Fed Ex man runs. I must scare the pants off of him because he always drops something before he takes off. I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do because mommy keeps the Fed Ex man’s boxes for herself, and she seems happy to do so. I know. I’m the greatest.

I am also learning patience. Here is a video showing that I know how to “wait”, even for a delicious chicken and bacon treat (which is my favorite treat in the whole world). Mommy and daddy are not allowed to eat my treats, so they sure don’t know what they’re missing.

Finally, I’ve also learned how to share. I make sure whenever I play with my toys to include mommy so she doesn’t feel left out.

Well, as you can see, I am growing up so fast. I am a healthy, strong, and fierce Alpha Dog. Of course, I’m still King of the World, and my mom is lost without me. Next time you hear from me, don’t be surprised if I am a movie star by then. My Instagram is getting more followers everyday!




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