How to Find the Best Artificial Christmas Tree...

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Several years ago, Scott purchased a very tall Christmas Tree at the end of the season, for a great price. It looked beautiful in The House on High Street. But, after several years of use, it was time to replace. I wanted to do some homework, because as you are probably aware, artificial Christmas Trees can be pretty expensive. In this blog post, I’m sharing a few tips that I’ve learned, as far as what to look for, before buying an artificial Christmas Tree.

My Favorite Fall Recipes

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There are many reasons why FALL is a favored season. Aside from all the perks (breaking out the boots, picking pumpkins, and going on hay rides), it’s a great time to cook hearty, comfort foods, in the oven. Not to mention, there are limitless ideas to flavor just about anything with a little pumpkin spice. Today, I’m sharing my favorite fall recipes, that I’ve been making at home!

The Power of Resilience

Foster Care & Family, Health & Fitness

Dear Friend. I have a message for you, today. I know during our most difficult circumstances, we struggle with a lot of fear. Whether it’s a recent loss of a loved one, a break up with the love of your life, unemployment, sickness, depression, you name it… FEAR can make its way into our mind and hearts.

“I’ll never recover from this. I’ll never be the same. I’ll never be able to move on. I’ll never be happy. I’ll never be able to replace what I just lost…”

But there is something that takes root at the very first moments of despair, and that is RESILIENCE. It’s a God-given characteristic that we all possess. Whether we know it or not. Or like it or not. Life may not get easier. But one thing is for certain, we will get STRONGER and more RESILIENT.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Food & Home, The House on High Street

Scott and I have lived in The House on High Street for almost six years. Initially, we filled our two-hundred-something-year-old home with furniture from auctions. In keeping with the traditional feel. Lately, we’ve been redecorating, one room at a time. Our bedroom was a hodge podge of mixed match furniture, from our past lives and residencies. Needless to say, this master bedroom makeover was long overdue!

Long Weekend in Vegas ~ Here's How We Spent our 72 Hours!

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Scott and I just got home from a long weekend in Las Vegas. He surprised me with Celine Dion tickets, for my birthday. (Back in September.) I was a little concerned that it would be too much to travel to Las Vegas for a concert. Neither one of us wanted to spend too much money or run out of time to get our money’s worth. So, we agreed on the highlights we both wanted to see and do, and took it from there. Best of all? We did not break the bank. So, before you head out to Vegas for a long weekend, have a look to see how we spent our 72 hours! 

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