Outside Work at The House on High Street

The House on High Street

Well, it’s that time of year again. Scott and I have a bunch of projects scheduled for the outside of the house. Work has already begun!

Anyway, I figured I’d follow up with a bunch of pictures. These show the different areas of the backyard at The House on High Street. In a few days, our backyard will look VERY different!

We are getting the exterior painted! Well, just one side at a time, folks. We have a budget! We are using Sherwin Williams Pure White for the siding and Extra White for the Trim. If you look closely, you can see that some of the windows still have an ugly black trim. That’s getting replaced with white.
The painters are almost half way through. Can you imagine going up so high on those ladders? I love how the corbels came out, and the white trim looks a thousand times better than black!


This shows how bumpy our backyard is, right now. Scott is renting a bulldozer and getting some help with leveling the land. Well, we’ll have TWO levels and a mound to separate the levels.


A mound sorta like this. But, it will take time to get it grown in with nice plants.
A mound sorta like this. But, it will take time to get it grown in with nice plants. (I found this picture on Pinterest. I don’t know who you are, but Mister, I love your landscaping!)


This is left, back-side of the house. Facing front. It’s not as lumpy here, but it’s still going to be leveled. Did I mention that all the crab grass will be replaced with DIRT and seed? That’s not going to look so nice, at first. : (


There’s Scott riding the backhoe. Looks fun, doesn’t it? He’ll be using this to move all the debris to the dumpster.


Our driveway wraps around to the back of the house. Some of this blacktop will be removed, and seed will be planted for grass.


Last year, we had the Ice House (along with the shed and Carriage House) fixed up with new roofs and exterior work. In the fall, Scott started building a bar outside the Ice House. When that is finished we’re going to place an L-shaped patio around the Ice House. And the black top, that you see, will be gone, by then.


Scott already removed this walkway that connected the patio to the driveway.


Here is a close up of the patio. Scott placed the pavers right on top of the concrete. We used E.P. Henry Stone. I love the way it came out. Oh, and there’s my herb plants! Basil. Oregano. Rosemary. Parsley. Mint…


Here is the right side of the carriage house. It got a new roof, last year. Along with two new sections. Painted red, with doors. Yesterday, we had 43 bales of hay delivered. The hay goes down after the seed (and starter fertilizer) to protect and hold it down.


Here is a picture of the sunset over the carriage house. I love this view.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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