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Yesterday, I went shopping at Nordstrom for a summer dress. I was looking for something pretty and lightweight to wear to a day-time birthday party, at a country club. I was surprised to see that the selection was so much slimmer than what Nordstrom has to offer, on line. But, if you watched my Instagram Story, you saw me try on a few dresses that were available in the store. The price range was from $59-$495. (I know, that’s pretty crazy!) Just goes to show you that it’s not about the price tag. It’s about how you feel wearing the dress. Here are five Nordstrom Summer Dresses that could be worn at your next summer event. 

1.) BP. Floral Button Front Maxi Dress – $59 

I personally feel that this dress looked the best, on me, anyway. Because I am curvy. It has a forgiving stretch fabric, and flows just perfectly. I didn’t buy this yesterday, because I ran out of time! But, I may order this on line, as I have some time before my next summer event. I was also amazed at the price tag!

Nordstrom Summer Dress

2.) Veronica Beard Marena Ruched Waist Floral Midi Dress – $495

No, I would not pay this much for a dress. But, since I tried it on, I’m including it, here. It really is a gorgeous dress. I feel this would be stunning on someone with a belly bulge, as the fabric in the center was ruched and stretchy! I also liked how the buttons were a mix between fasten and snap. They also ran down the bodice horizontally and all the way down the front. (So, it’s easy to get into!)

Nordstrom Summer Dress

3.) ASTR Lace Midi Dress – $89

This dress also comes in white and blue. Here is the blush color, which I tried on, yesterday. I think this dress looks more expensive than it really is. (That’s a plus.) It’s well made with a beautiful, thick eyelet design. Also, we’re seeing a lot of lace and eyelet overlay, this spring. I love this feminine style! (Runs a little small.) 

Nordstrom Summer Dress

4.) Foxiedox Ophelia Two-Tone Lace Maxi Dress – $230

This dress was stunning! I would definitely wear this to a daytime wedding. (I don’t have one my calendar, this summer). I think, even though it is over $200, it was worth the price tag. It’s beautifully made and trimmed with a gorgeous coral embroidery and sheer overlay. 


Nordstrom Summer Dress

5.) Vince Camuto Eyelet Shift Dress – $148

I think this shift dress is perfect for any pear shaped figure! It highlights the curves of your neck and shoulders while modestly covering your midsection. If you’re tall, like me, I think a short (almost baby-doll type) dress compliments your long legs! This dress can be dressed up with a more formal block wedge shoe or a flat sandal. 

Nordstrom Summer DressesI also found a bunch more, on line. These are a broad range of sizes and price points. One thing they do have in common~ They are all lightweight and pretty!

Here are more styles that are all available on-line. Which one is your favorite?

Nordstrom Summer Dresses

Rachel Scheyer
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