Let's Continue Our Walk around The House on High Street!

The House on High Street

Over the past few weeks, Scott’s been really busy working on the grounds at The House on High Street.  He finished the front side of the shed.  He cut the grass (with a new riding mower his parents gave him as a gift).  And, he hired professionals to trim and cut down a few trees.

This past Saturday morning, I could sense that Scott had something on his mind.  He seemed to be losing momentum (this happens to us both every so often with this daunting project).  I was trying to offer suggestions on what I could do, but when it comes to physical work, I run out of steam rather quickly.  After talking for a while, I realized that I hadn’t been to the house for quite some time, and Scott really needed my support.  I already had a commitment scheduled for the afternoon, and so I promised him that I would meet him at the house later in the day to help with whatever I could.  He offered to pack a cooler so that we could hang out there and grill.

As I drove to the house later in the afternoon, I was also feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I silently prayed that God would give us a little encouragement because I knew we both needed it.  As soon as I drove up the driveway, I could not believe how pretty everything looked!

LE WomanI volunteered to work a little on the Old Stone Building (Ice House); chipping away at loose concrete which was fairly light work and rather therapeutic for me.  I didn’t get that far, but it was progress. After that, Scott took me for a ride on his new mower.  That was fun! We spent the next hour or so picking up piles of wood chips that remained from cut-down trees. Thankfully, we were able to call it a day after just a few hours of work (for me, anyway)!

LE Woman
At this rate, I could have this cement removed in about fifty years!

We planned on having just a simple picnic to watch the sunset and enjoy the grounds. Little did I know how wonderful our evening would turn out.  Apparently, God had some more encouragement coming our way.

First, we received a surprise visit from our new neighbors; a beautiful couple with six children.  They brought us a bottle of wine, and we gave them a tour of the house.  They were so impressed (as they had seen it before we started the work).  They gave us so many compliments and even offered to support us in any way they could.

Scott also mentioned that the neighbor on the other side of our house stopped by a few times and offered to help Scott plant bushes to continue a fence-like privacy hedge in the back.  I was grateful to learn that we have good neighbors!

As if the night wasn’t perfect enough it ended with a full-blown firework show from a distance!   I am not kidding.  These were like Fourth of July fireworks with an almost perfect unobstructed view from the grounds.  We couldn’t understand why there was such a spectacle going on during the first 070811_1913~01weekend in May.  Scott even joked about planning it, just to be “romantic”.  We watched them together while eating our hamburgers and hot-dogs (organic hot-dogs that is).  It’s a good thing we didn’t go on the roof to watch them because right before the show had ended, it began to rain.  It was time to go.

On the drive home, I thanked God for providing such a beautiful evening at the house.  We both felt encouraged and grateful.   I hope you enjoy these pictures I took on Saturday.  May you be reminded of God’s encouragement all around us!

LE Woman
Here is a picture taken from the West side of the House. The sun is beginning to set behind me.
LE Woman
Here is a picture of the West Side of the House taken from close to the Street. You can see the newly painted red shed. Where those trees are up ahead will be an oversized hammock for two!
LE Woman
I love how quiet the street is, although we understand that it’s imperative to be mindful of deer!
LE Woman
This is the Old Stone Building (Ice House) and privy which shall be fixed up to be a little play house (Called Sarah’s House, after our niece).
Scott on his new riding mower in front of the shed which will be getting a new roof.
Scott on his new riding mower in front of the shed which will be getting a new roof.
This is the back yard view of a fence-like border of bushes.  The tree was removed so now we can continue to plant more bushes.
This is the back yard view of a fence-like border of bushes. The tree was removed so now we can continue to plant more bushes.
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