Labradoodle ~ Letter from Cooper (7 Months)

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Hi Mommy’s Friends. A lot has happened since I last wrote. On, July 8th, I turned seven months. I weigh 27 pounds. And, I am cuter than EVER! Let’s see if I can catch you up…

Last month, I had an operation. I’m not sure what an operation is, but I should have one of those more often. Mom got me hooked on people food ever since. Hello, Peanut Butter! And, whipped cream!

For some reason, I had to wear this ridiculous Halloween Costume. Which didn’t make any sense, since it was only June. For whatever reason, mom and dad yelled at me whenever I was licking my (you know…my “nuts”). It was really itchy down there! So, I had to wait for mom and dad to look away before I went to town. Eventually, mom took this “flower petal” costume off.

This is a new toy I got from my Aunt Vickie. I’m learning how to be a duck hunter.

I was able to resume my normal duties. Such as “watch dog”.

I spend a significant part of my day manning the entry doors.

Now that I eat “people food”, I partake in giving thanks to God. Before each meal, I say my grace. I ask God to watch over my puppy body and keep me healthy and strong. I also pray that mom and dad will not eat all of their dinner, so I can have seconds. (That rarely happens. Mom and dad eat a LOT.)

I say grace with mommy and daddy before I eat my dinner.

There has been so much traffic at The House on High Street, lately. I guess because it’s summer. Mom and dad are having a lot of guests.

Last week, one couple brought their dog. They said that he was much “older” than me, and therefore would probably not want to play. I tried to sniff his behind. Just to figure out what the heck his problem was. Next thing I know, that dog turned into a Dr. Jekyl! He snapped at me and bit my puppy nose. I screamed so loud. I think I gave mommy a heart attack. Sorry mom. I’ve never been beat up before.

I got a lot of extra attention after that. So, I guess it was worth it.

Mom says that I am an “anxious” dog. I’m not sure what that means. I just try to communicate to her. I’m trying to let her know when something is happening outside. Such as a bird flying in the air. A rabbit running across the lawn. A neighbor walking down his driveway. All very important things which must be brought to her attention. 24-7. And, I’m the best at it.

If you haven’t met me yet, I suggest you hurry up and book a reservation with mom and dad. They have a full calendar, and it seems like people are coming from all over the world to meet me. It’s a little exhausting, but I understand. After all, I am the cutest labradoodle in the world.

Well, I have to go help my daddy grill some burgers. I keep watch over the grill so no wild animals come and attack our food. I also make sure dad doesn’t get side tracked and overcook the meat. I know. I don’t know how mommy and daddy survived without me!





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