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Hi, again, Mommy’s friends…

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve met my new mommy and daddy. I’m now 3 months old and 12 pounds, and I am still King of EVERYTHING!

I played in my very first snow fall.
I played in my very first snow fall, and we took our first family pictures!


20150307_122930On Monday’s, Steve and his dog, Mira, come over to train mommy and daddy. They are learning a lot of tricks. For example, when the leash goes on me, Mommy or Daddy need to walk. They need to hold my leash and wait for me to decide when I’m ready to go potty. They still need a lot of work, but they’re learning.

I’m pretty settled here, at The House on High Street. I have my own bed…in 3 places, actually. I would eventually like to have a bed in every room, but I’m ok with 3 beds, for now. I already chewed up half of my toys. If mom and dad don’t want me to start chewing on their furniture, shoes, and mom’s hair, they better keep buying me toys.

This is why I need more beds.
This is why I need more beds.
Mommy seems to always be sitting where I want to spread out. She must be super attached to me.
Mommy seems to always be sitting where I want to spread out. She must be super attached to me.

Dad bought me a frisbee, and mom is learning how to hold it for me so I can jump up and grab it with my teeth. Eventually, dad and I will go to parks and play with the frisbee.


I should play for the NBA. I can really jump!

20150311_182221I’m actually great at everything. I’m even stronger than daddy and faster than mommy!

Yesterday, I went up and down the steps all my myself. Daddy was proud, but mommy almost had a heart attack. To show off my new skills, I sometimes just hang out on the middle step to see mom’s reaction.

This is my new "I'm cool" spot. Mommy gets worried, but daddy feels proud of me.
This is my new “I’m cool” spot. Mommy gets worried, but daddy feels proud of me.

Overall, we are one big happy family. We have our coffee, together, in the mornings; And, we snuggle on the big sofa, before bedtime.

I like waking up mommy in the morning. I am 100% ready to be hyper and play. I wish mommy was, but it takes her a little time.

I’m just a little confused at something. Whenever I go potty outside, mommy and daddy get very happy. Like, REALLY happy. This morning, I passed a little gas. I even walked away from mommy before I did it. I don’t understand why she got so upset. She even called daddy down from his office, all the way on the third floor, just to “smell it”. They were both looking around for something for a good ten minutes. I tried to tell them that I didn’t go number two in the house by wagging my tail. If I made a boo boo, I would have hid under the couch. But, I guess they don’t understand that sometimes puppies pass a little gas. I’m quite proud of it, actually. Perhaps, Steve will teach mommy and daddy to give me a treat, when I toot, next time.

Well, I have to go now. It’s time for my nap. Mommy said since the weather is nice, that she and dad will take me outside for game of frisbee later. I hope they can keep up with me.

Bye-bye for now.

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