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Hello Friends. I apologize for not writing in a while. I have been extremely busy. I am very popular these days. And, traveling the world, apparently. A few weeks ago, mom took me to the beach with Grandma Yebby. (That’s my mom’s mom.) It wasn’t my first time at the beach. But, it was my first time staying at a hotel. Mommy bought me a new portable crate, so that I could have my own bed. Evidently, we stayed at a hotel that truly appreciates us, canines. I was welcomed with the royal treatment that I am accustomed to.

Beach ShackMom and I spent some quality time on the beach.

labradoodle.jpgEating sand…

Mom, you have NO idea what you’re missing!

And, cookies from the hotel.

labradoodle.jpgThis was my first cookie, ever. I LOVE COOKIES. They’re the best thing since pepperoni flavored chew sticks. I just couldn’t get enough of this cookie! Mom actually let me eat in bed because we were on vacation.

Cookies in bed. Pure heaven.

Get it? Paws up! (I actually don’t get it.)


Whenever I came off the sand, mom had to hose me down near the hotel pool. I don’t like water. And, I don’t like being told to sit on a chair, while I am all wet and exposed. I was upset with mom. I didn’t look at her until she allowed me to get off the chair.

No, mom. I’m very upset with you.

Mom and Grandmom took me to a restaurant on the beach. People were coming up to me, from all over the WORLD to say hello. Goodness, it’s exhausting being so popular!

labradoodle.jpgThis restaurant serves people food to dogs! I had my first bowl of grilled chicken.

I LOVE CHICKEN! Almost as much as cookies.

As much as I loved this hotel, mom forgot to mention that dogs were not allowed in the pool area. Seriously!? I’m going to write a letter to the manager. I have rights.

I feel very excluded on this side of the fence. And, I’ve been a very good boy!

I’m not sure what mommy was saying to the manager after she told me to sit and wait outside like a good little puppy dog. I have a feeling my mom was giving that manager the riot act.

You tell ’em, mom!

Overall though, I can’t complain. I got a lot of cuddle time and kisses from mommy.

labradoodle.jpgLast week, mom and dad said they were taking me back to the beach. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to eat more chicken. And, cookies. And, sand!

Are we there, yet?

Dad said I could dig and eat as much sand as I wanted to!

I found a pretty cool spot with some shade.

Dad took me for a walk on the beach.

labradoodle.jpgMom played ball with me on the beach.

labradoodle.jpgI was having the time of my life! I didn’t think my life could get ANY better!


“Bow Chicca Wow Wow!”

“Well, hello Miss Poodle Skirt!”

Is that bacon you’re wearing??

This is Liberty. She is a Toy-sized Labradoodle. Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL?

Oh my goodness gracious. Don’t mind my boyish nature. I just need to get a close-up of this toosh!

At this point, my mom yelled at me to mind my manners. Doesn’t she realize that I am a healthy canine boy? Sniffing hineys is WHAT WE DO!

Mom and dad pulled me away before I picked up Liberty’s digits!

I have to tell you. I think I’m in love. Mom and Dad said we may go back to the same doggie hotel someday. I surely hope Liberty is there.

For now, we are back home at The House on High Street. Thankfully, I have mom and dad wrapped around my puppy paw again. Now, all I need to do is convince them to take me back to see my labradoodle-girlfriend before I get fixed! (Whatever that means.)

Stay tuned…





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