Labradoodle - Cooper, You're driving Mommy Cra Cra!

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Dear Cooper’s Friends,

Cooper is driving me crazy. He may be the cutest labradoodle in the world, but he is NOT King of this household! He’s trying to get me all wrapped around his little chubby paw. Acting like a helpless, innocent, and affectionately-loveable little puppy. But no sir, I am not falling for it.

Cooper is driving me crazy. If I give in to this madness, it’ll be over. I’ll lose all authority in my own home. Yet, Cooper is doing anything and everything to get me to submit to his adorableness.

For starters, Cooper likes to be held. A lot! He insists on being by my side at all times. I won’t lie. I think it’s really cute. I’m home a lot, and I do give him a lot of affection. I do love him so much. But, sometimes, he doesn’t know when to stop.  It’s bad enough that Cooper has taken full ownership of every-single-nook-and-cranny of this household. He even uses my shower. Whenever I go up or down the steps I have to remind myself that he is right under my feet, otherwise we are both going down!

When I try to read or write on my laptop, Cooper sits right on me and lays his head or his chubby paws on my hands, or my book, or my computer. Seriously? Who does he think he is? Last week, I got a new chair. This is MY chair. I’d like to keep it that way.

This is my new chair. It's perfect for reading and writing on my laptop!
This is my new chair. It’s perfect for reading and writing on my laptop!

Yesterday, when I was sitting in the MY chair, Cooper had the nerve to give me a hard time.

And, if this isn’t enough, when I’m not giving Cooper attention, he is doing something that gets my attention! Here, he is whining at his reflection in the mirror. It’s just too cute. I can’t help but to giggle and feel bad at the same time. Poor thing. All upset. Over nothing.

Perhaps that explains why he is typically flirting with me or jumping on me, so that I can hold him like a baby.

Please tell me I’m not going cra cra. Tell me that you would be the same, right? Tell me that this puppy-doodle is extraordinary.

Well, if loving a labradoodle this much is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


Cooper’s Mamma



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