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Congratulations! You have stumbled upon a drink recipe that comes ALL the way from Italy and will knock your socks off! It’s called the Italian Spritz.

I never expected to be so influenced by a cocktail. Especially in Italy ~ where all I think about is homemade pasta, homegrown wine, and gelato!

It all happened back in August. Scott and I were in Venice, on out first night, strolling around the tiny alley-way streets like two kids out of school. It was the first of 12 nights on a Mediterranean Cruise beginning in Venice. We were feeling super charged and adventurous. At one point we passed a tiny, and I mean tiny, tratoria with a bunch of locals spilling out of the entrance, and wrapping around the corner. (That’s a good sign.)

Everyone was holding these beautiful, brightly-colored orange cocktails, in these oversized wine glasses. With a slice of orange and a garnish of jumbo green olives. I know. It sounds weird. But it looked so delicious.

Everyone was drinking this cocktail. And, everyone was happy.

Next thing I remember, Scott and I were in on the fun, sipping our own cocktails. Oh my goodness Italian gracious. We made a toast to our new discovery of the Italian Spritz and promised ourselves we’d bring it back to The House on High Street!

The next day, we had to go back to that trattoria for more. And that still wasn’t enough. We persuaded our favorite bartender, on the cruise ship, to make us an Italian Spritz. A drink he’d never heard of. He got pretty close. We all learned that it was an Italian liquor, named Aperol, that was missing.

Fortunately, we were able to order that drink later on during our cruise stops in Amalfi, Rome, and Florence, Italy.

When we got home, we called a few liquor stores and finally found a few, nearby, that stocked Aperol.
It runs between $23-$35 dollars a bottle. Of course, I purchased 4 oversized wine glasses and recommend you do, too.  (Trust me. It’ll save you the time in refills after your guests fall in love with this drink!)

Since buying our first bottle of Aperol, Scott and I have served the Italian Spritz to over a dozen visitors at The House on High Street. It is a special treat that we only drink on occasion.

I’m pretty sure you will love the Italian Spritz, too. If you decide to leave out the olives or even the oversized glass, that’s up to you. But, I highly recommend you think twice about that! ; )


3 oz. Aperol
3 oz. Prosecco
1-2 oz Club Soda
Orange slice (more on the thick side)
Large green olives (in water)


Fill wine glasses no more than half way with ice cubes.

Pour in the prosecco, followed by the aperol, and club soda.

Garnish with orange and a few olives.

Serve right away!!

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