How do Social Media Influencers Make Money?

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You’re probably reading this, for one of two reasons. Either, you’re thinking about quitting your day job to do what looks so much easier, more glamorous, and fun! (Trust me. It’s not nearly as much as you think.) Or, you want to show support to the Blogger, Instagrammer, and/or You Tuber that is sharing awesome, FREE content with you on a regular basis. (Thank you!!!) Either way, it’s a fair question. How do Social Media Influencers make money? Here are a few ways…

How do Social Media Influencers make money?

Social media Influencers

There’s many ways Influencers (Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram-ers, etc.) can make money. But, please know this: These influencers are spending a LOT MORE TIME than you may think in providing you with FREE content, and it sometimes takes YEARS to grow. (So, think twice before quitting your day job.)

Social Media Influencers

For starters, if an Influencer has a fairly large audience, he/she can start hosting advertisements on their site (or video, etc.) Some are based on clicks. Others are just visually there, because they paid for the real estate. 

Secondly, Influencers can directly partner with brands (You name it, from Walmart to Nordstrom; Fisher Price to Cover Girl; Raymour & Flanigan to IKEA!) and write content related to these brands. Again, once you have a decent following (Which is a little subjective, so I can’t really name any numbers, here) brands may be reaching out to the Influencer. Other times, the Influencer may be reaching out to the brand. There’s general price points an influencer can demand (again, it depends on your traffic and following – AKA influence!) 

Every influencer has her own preference in how they work. Personally, I’d rather be the one to reach out to the brands that I really believe in. I feel that this will provide more credibility. I want my followers to genuinely trust in whatever I share! I may not always get it right (opinions vary), and I may not make as much money, this way. But, in the long run, I want to be really good at what I do and build lasting relationships with my followers. 

Social Media Influencers

Last but not least, there are affiliate links. (I currently use these the most, and honestly, I depend on them right now, the most.) Whenever I share a product (sometimes a service) in my blog post (or on my Instagram) followed by a link, I can get a commission if someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase! Affiliate links bring in a very VERY small commission. (You may make pennies, or 2-11% of the item purchased.) However, it can add up. I do encourage my followers to remember me if they ever do purchase something I recommend. 

So, whenever you click on my link and purchase anything (Sometimes it does not even have to be the item I originally linked. Sometimes, it’s the last thing you added to your cart. It really depends on the advertiser/retailer.) But, as long as you’re checking out, from the retailer, after clicking on an Influencer’s link, he or she will get credit! 

Social Media Influencers

Let’s say, you add stuff to your cart, but you don’t make the purchase until you’re home from work. And, now you’re using your laptop. Rather than going directly to the retailer; if you just go to the original link (whether it’s in your influencer’s newsletter, blog post, Youtube video, etc.) that TAKES YOU TO THE RETAILER. The web address will automatically include information that will track the Influencer you follow! : )

It’s just such a great way to support those who are bringing you FREE Content. : ) 

So, there you have it. Any questions? Are you interested in starting a Blog or You Tube Channel? For more than a hobby, that is? If so, let me know, in the comment section! I’d love to hear from you. xo

Rachel Scheyer

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