Green Eyes ~ A Poem for Scott

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I’ll never forget the day we met

I was thankful to learn that I was brunette.

You may have known sooner that I’d be the one

But, I was so happy once our love story begun.

There were so many things that I loved about you;

Your green eyes; Your warm touch; Knowing your love was true.

Isn’t it amazing how we just fit together?

And how we have conquered every storm in the weather?

I love how you kiss me; your touch is amazing.

Can’t ever resist, and WILL NOT stop praising!

Yes, there are times when I can’t stand your bumming

But, wow I am floored at the man you’re becoming.

You know me better than anyone has ever

Perhaps this is why our love cannot sever.

I love how you expose your vulnerability to me

In spite of the fact others don’t ever see.

You are far from perfect, and I am, too.

But together we are like Chicken Cordon Bleu

Ok, that was just plain awkward

Never said I was a poet

But, for you, I’d do anything

Surprised, I’d even show it.

To change the subject, I want to thank you for supporting me

As a professional; As a writer…(to a tolerable degree).

I cannot believe how much God has blessed us

I mean, The House on High Street didn’t have asbestos!

Sure, there are times I wish you were a dad : (

But can’t lose faith over things never had.

If God gave me a great family, this house, and of course YOU

How can I doubt the things He can do?

I pray that your faith over time will grow.

I know that’s something you lost long ago.

Maybe in time, you’ll know God’s love is free.

I’m trying to show you this love within me.

I don’t know why I’m crying as I write this foolish poem.

It’s my first, would you believe, only for you, my Jeroboam?

Oh my goodness, What on earth, does that word even mean?

A large wine bottle? No relation. It’s like I’m fourteen!

In closing, please know I’m your Valentine

And so very happy ~ you’ll always be MINE.

EXTRA Ordinarily Yours

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