You say French Doors - I say Italian!

The House on High Street

This week, 2 sets of French Doors were added to the foyer at The House on High Street, separating both the Great Room and Living/Dining Rooms.  They accomplished everything that French Doors are supposed to provide: aesthetic beauty, symmetry, a historical feel, sound and privacy options, and sunlight potential. I would put these doors anywhere and everywhere, if I could.  I just love French Doors.

However, I am somewhat tempted to refer to these doors as ITALIAN doors, because in truth, the French confiscated this architectural idea (along with some artwork) from Italy after the Italian Wars.  That’s right, this type of door was first showcased during the Renaissance Period in Italy.  

The Renaissance style focuses on proportion, symmetry, regularity and geometry, reverting back to the style of ancient Roman architecture. Emphasis was placed on light, which lead to a greater incorporation of windows in ways they hadn’t been used before–including their use as doors.  (The History of French Doors)

But, rather than squabble over semantics…or history…or geography…or whatever…We will refer to these beauties as French Doors, while giving credit to the Italians.

More importantly, aren’t they just beautiful?  Just wait until they are adorned with elegant wall sconces and vintage hardware.

Doors separating Dining Room from the Foyer.
Doors separating Dining Room from the Foyer.
Main Foyer - with a lot more sunlight!
Main Foyer – with a lot more sunlight!  Meanwhile, our front door is still awaiting a make-over.

So, next up is modifying our two main entrance doors.  We really want to salvage these period pieces and somehow add windows in the narrow spaces in order to maintain the same qualities as the Italian…I mean French Doors!  Just like sunlight was critical during times before electricity, sunlight is essential in The House on High Street.   More sunlight means more warmth.  

The House on High Street
Side entrance door (to Great Room). We are hoping to replace the 2 panels of wood with glass along with stained glass on top.

Anyway, aside from doors, we’ve been working on a few other things…Such as planting more veggies in Rachel Maria’s Garden (Cucumber, Zucchini, Squash, eggplant, and corn) and finalizing our selections on bath, laundry room, and sunroom tile.

Next week, the trim will be worked on throughout the house.  Have I mentioned how much I love trim? (Probably the same as French Doors)…Especially the historic trim that came with the house.   Stay tuned!

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PS If you have any ideas and/or know someone that can help us with restoring our two entry doors, can you please let me know? Grazie! Merci!

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