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Thanksgiving Countdown

The House on High Street

So, you’re hosting Thanksgiving, this year? Congratulations! Or, shall we say, Good Luck? So far, Scott and I have hosted four Thanksgiving Dinners at The House on High Street. Rather successfully. Hosting any holiday dinner can be stressful. I think the best advice I can give you is to plan ahead and pace yourself. I created my own Thanksgiving Countdown! So, here are some tips for you in preparing for one of the greatest holidays, ever. Have fun!

How to Find the Best Artificial Christmas Tree...

Food & Home, The House on High Street

Several years ago, Scott purchased a very tall Christmas Tree at the end of the season, for a great price. It looked beautiful in The House on High Street. But, after several years of use, it was time to replace. I wanted to do some homework, because as you are probably aware, artificial Christmas Trees can be pretty expensive. In this blog post, I’m sharing a few tips that I’ve learned, as far as what to look for, before buying an artificial Christmas Tree.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Food & Home, The House on High Street

Scott and I have lived in The House on High Street for almost six years. Initially, we filled our two-hundred-something-year-old home with furniture from auctions. In keeping with the traditional feel. Lately, we’ve been redecorating, one room at a time. Our bedroom was a hodge podge of mixed match furniture, from our past lives and residencies. Needless to say, this master bedroom makeover was long overdue!

How to Decorate for FALL ~ Under $100

Food & Home, The House on High Street

The Fall season is drawing near. I love this time of year, for good reason. The air is crisp and fresh. The aroma of fall can’t be beat. Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Apple Pie, Cedar, etc. The colors are so vibrant. And, it’s hands-down the best time for outdoor photos!

Before moving into The House on High Street, I only had a townhouse or condo to decorate. It can be expensive decorating even a small space. So, now having a larger space, things can get out of hand! In this post, I’m going to show you How to decorate for Fall ~under $100!

Hosting a Galentine's Day Party!

Food & Home, The House on High Street

I’ve been enjoying Valentine’s Day, ever since I was a little girl. Back then, I loved making cards and passing out treats to my classmates and teachers. It was simple fun, and it made me happy to share even the littlest thing with others.

When I first heard about a “Galentine’s Day Part”, I thought it was so silly or merely reserved for single women. But, then I remembered something. Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers! It’s a day to spend with those you love! Galentine’s Day (official or not) can be the perfect excuse to gather the friends you love and do something special. And, fun! 

In today’s post, I’m going to share just how easy it is to throw something together. Without spending a lot of time or money! Read on…

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