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Healing Autoimmune Disorders - Part 2

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Do you suffer with multiple health symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, allergies, digestive issues, muscle or joint pain, brain fog, pregnancy issues, and/or trouble with losing weight? Women, do you feel that you your hormones are off balance the majority of the time? Are you so used to dealing with your symptoms that you are compromising your potential to live an extraordinary life?

Healing Autoimmune Disorders Part I

Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Fitness

As you may know by now, I have several autoimmune disorders. (That I know of, anyway!)


As far as symptoms, there’s pretty much something every day for any of these disorders.

Abdominal pain
Brain Fog

Trying to wrap my brains around these disorders and symptoms has been overwhelming, to say the least. I want to know. Why did they happen? How did they begin? Could I have done something differently? Did my doctors neglect proper treatment? Did one cause the other? Will I continue to develop more disorders?

6 Better Food Alternatives

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In my recent post, “Real Food! For Real.” I mentioned that since becoming a foster mom, I started taking meal prep, at home, a lot more seriously.

Scott and I have been making some great changes at The House on High Street. Our food shopping trips have changed, significantly. The majority of food is produce. Followed by (mostly organic) meat, dairy, and whole grains. We’ve been checking ingredients on any foods that come in boxes, cans, or jars and staying away from bad ingredients.

How to Keep Your Produce Fresh? An Extraordinary Thing!

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This pepper has been in my refrigerator for over 2 weeks. It’s not in season, and in spite of the amount of time it has been in my fridge, it is still fresh!


What’s the secret? Believe it or not, a little plastic blue apple called the Bluapple Ethylene Gas Absorber.

It looks like this:

Can you find it?

I’m not a fan of “kitchen gadgets”, so when Scott ordered the Bluapple Ethylene Gas Absorber, I was less than thrilled. However, after seeing what it could do (and prevent), I was hooked.

This nifty and inexpensive gadget can save you some money. Perhaps you can relate. Sometimes, I’ll buy produce, but not exactly “get to it” in time, before it becomes spoiled. I hate throwing food away. Especially produce.

Produce can be expensive and/or precious (when it comes to the gardening process). The Bluapple Ethylene Gas Absorber helps to keep your produce around longer! At least twice as long as “ordinary”.

And, that’s what makes this item EXTRAordinary!

So, how does it work?

Fruits give off ethylene gas which aides in the “ripening” process. The problem is, once you bring your produce home, it sits on your counter or in your refrigerator and the ethylene gas continues to accelerate the ripening process. According to experts, numerous households throw away over $600 worth of produce each year due to accelerated spoilage from ethylene gas. 

These little blue apples contain an oxidizer called sodium permanganate, along with a scientifically proven mechanism that absorbs the ethylene gas from your produce. This, in turn, helps to keep your produce around longer. And that, my friends, will save you money and extra trips to the supermarket.

Since buying this item (from Amazon, of course), Scott and I have reduced the amount of spoiled produce, in our fridge, significantly. You can purchase two of these, along with a one year supply of refills, for less than twenty bucks. It lasts about 3 months before needing a “refill”. The item will pay for itself dozens of times over, in the first year alone.

I can’t say whether or not other products, like this, work as good. All I know is that we love Bluapple!

If you want to save some money and keep your produce fresh, for a longer amount of time, give this extraordinary item a try.


EXTRA Ordinarily Yours

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