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Summer Rompers & Jumpsuits ~ Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

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Ah, the warm and sunny weather has finally arrived! Now, it’s not so hard to believe Memorial Day is around the corner! What are your plans? Scott and I hope to make it down to the shore, at least one day. I also may be doing a little shopping to take advantage of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale! I already have my eye on a few pieces. Mainly summer rompers and jumpsuits!!

Nordstrom Summer Dresses ~ For Your Next Summer Event

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Yesterday, I went shopping at Nordstrom for a summer dress. I was looking for something pretty and lightweight to wear to a day-time birthday party, at a country club. I was surprised to see that the selection was so much slimmer than what Nordstrom has to offer, on line. But, if you watched my Instagram Story, you saw me try on a few dresses that were available in the store. The price range was from $59-$495. (I know, that’s pretty crazy!) Just goes to show you that it’s not about the price tag. It’s about how you feel wearing the dress. Here are five Nordstrom Summer Dresses that could be worn at your next summer event. 

5 Swimsuit Styles to Compliment Your Curves

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Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two. But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do(Meghan Trainor) One of my favorite songs of the decade, and perhaps your’s too. Yet, we’re still left with the common reality and greatest hope: Having curves and Looking great in a swimsuit. Respectively. 

I hate to think those who do wear a size two would even be reading this post, but I trust that if you really and truly have curves, you’ll want to wear swimsuits that compliment those god-given assets. (For the record, my husband would be miserable if I lost my curves.) 

SALES on SANDALS that Will Knock Your SOCKS Off!

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Wow. Weather in the northeast is getting stranger and stranger! We had another snow storm last week. I’ve been keeping a pair of flip flops and uggs by my door, because one day it can be warm and the next day it can be freezing. But, I am so ready to pack up my boots and coats for good. I decided to go on a search for Sales on Sandals! These will not last too long, as they are a minimum of 3o% off regular prices. So, have fun. And, kiss those socks goodbye! : ) For more fashion deals, be sure to check out my “Shop My Instagram” Page. 

Spring Fashion Sales ~ For You. For Him. For Them.

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I think it is suffice to say, “We made it!” Another winter, down in the books. Now it’s time to start (if you have not, already) shopping those infamous spring fashion sales

Scott and I will be celebrating both Passover and Easter. It’s a blessing to have both holidays that are unique and exclusive from one another. I enjoy spending the quality time with both families. Not to mention, I love celebrating the biblical truths of Passover and Easter. 

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