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CPR Infant Certified!


This week, Scott and I received CPR training for infants, at The House on High Street.

It was important to us since we are foster parenting Baby Banana.

Our instructor, Mitch Siegel* was wonderful. He said that he’s trained over 20,000 individuals. Mitch was very knowledgeable, funny, and professional.

I loved how he provided the training at our home. I loved his method of teaching. And since I’m such a nerd, he answered all my questions without making me feel like an airhead. Bonus!

Scott and I enjoyed learning about the precautionary steps for different scenarios requiring CPR. Such as:  Determining if it is safe to administer CPR, how to do it, and how to get medical help in the most effective way.

We learned that a lot of people are afraid to administer CPR (which can save a life) because of fear of doing it wrong, possibly hurting the individual, or getting sued. These are not good reasons to avoid doing CPR. Bad CPR is better than NO CPR!

Anyway, we may not be pros now, but Scott and I feel more confident, especially as parents, knowing what to do if an emergency did occur.

I figured I’d share this with you because… One, I’m proud to share it. And, two, I’d like for you to think about CPR, when you read this. How familiar are you with this procedure that can literally save a life?

And, in the customary fashion of LE Woman to share good things… Well, this is it for today. Please consider. ; )

EXTRA Ordinarily Yours

* Mitch Siegel is owner and trainer of Cardiac Crisis Management. He’s been providing services since 1996. If you are interested in a health and/or safety class such as CPR, First Aid, etc. Conveniently brought to you at home, with or without a group of friends, you may contact Mitch @ (609)820-1144 or slidini1966@gmail.com

Seasoned to Foster

Baby, Fashion & Lifestyle

As I write this, I am watching this beautiful baby, sleeping so angelically in her swing. The sight of her immediately brings a smile to my face.

I’ve been told that I’m smiling a lot more, these days.

There is so much to write about, and I was anticipating more time to do so, after our long vacation. But, mommy-hood came so soon. (Well, not counting the years in waiting.) I knew once Scott and I became licensed to Foster, that it could happen any day. But, I was so used to waiting for everything monumental in my life; I didn’t realize that it could happen so fast.

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