FIVE Faith-Building Books for Your Summer Reading List

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When I was an Elementary School Teacher, I would do more reading in the summer. I rarely had time to do the things I loved, during the school year. After ten months of teaching, I loved including faith-building books that would restore and strengthen me in every way! 

I still have the habit of including faith-building books for my summer reading list. These are books, written by modern-day authors, that reference and apply scripture to daily living. They can be in the form of a personal testimony (in which the author shares his/her life experience and how God’s word has made a positive impact). Or, they can be a commentary type of study that explains scripture in a way that is applicable and relevant to today’s times. 

Overall, faith-building books have strengthened my faith, deepened my relationship with the Lord, and helped sustain my motivation to live a faith-based (extraordinary) lifestyle. I have been supplementing my scripture reading with faith-based books for decades. I find that it’s a great way to keep scripture principles relevant.

Some of these faith-building books were recommended. Others appealed to me because of the author’s style or voice. Personally, I typically gravitate towards faith-building books in which the author shares his/her testimony. I enjoy the “story” aspect of the author’s testimony. And, by the end of the book, I feel that I walked with them through their experience and grew with them in their faith. 

Whether or not you have embraced faith-building books, in the past, I’m hopeful that one (if not all) of these five recommendations will be a game-changer for you. As I mentioned, I’ve been reading faith-building books for decades! Yet, these five have made the most impact on my life. They have matured my faith and helped get me through the trials I have experienced, especially in my adult years. I do hope they do the same for you. 

FIVE Faith-Building Books for Your Summer Reading List

1.) Everything by Mary DeMuth

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Everything is a book that will take your spiritual journey to the next level. My roommate from college recommended this book for me to read after a conversation about “strengthening our relationship with God”. This book did just that. The author, Mary DeMuth, shares about her family’s ministry overseas, and how adversity literally brought her faith to a level of complete surrender.

It’s true. We have to allow God to have full control of every aspect of our lives. The book, Everything, has taught me so much. Just when you think you’re giving or doing enough as a Christian, you realize that you’re actually still controlling too much.  If you’ve been broken, abused, abandoned, etc. this book will challenge you to surrender every-thing. I mean EVERYTHING to God. It’s the only way we can be completely transformed, in Jesus’ image.

2.) When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story

Faith Building BooksWhen God Doesn’t Fix It is a book that I read, most recently. It was right after we lost Baby Banana. Our first foster baby; after her first two years of life, with us. Many of my readers know that Banana’s reunification process was extremely painful (and in our opinion, unnecessarily so). I was beyond devastated to have witnessed so much pain and suffering of a foster child. However, this book helped me get through a lot of my grief and confusion.

Laura Story (who happens to be the songwriter and artist of the song, “Blessings”) shares her extraordinary story about her marriage and family. How a serious diagnosis completely altered her dreams. And, the lessons she learned. For when God doesn’t fix it. 

3.) Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be by Donna Partow

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Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be is a book that I loved so much, that I shared it, one summer, via Facebook LIVE Video! This book is a game changer because in 90 days, Donna Partow will help you organize every aspect of your life. Spiritual. Physical. Emotional. Financial. You name it! 

This is kind of like a self-help book, that is perfectly broken down and structured. It’s a quick read, although it is suggested to read one chapter per week. (There are a lot of practices mentioned that take time to implement.) Not only does Donna Partow use the Proverbs 31 passage as the preface of each chapter (and week), but she stresses the importance of scripture memorization. This book is a game changer. Perfect for a women’s bible study! 

4.) Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton

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Spirit Wars is a book for mature Christians. The reason I state this is because Kris Vallotton shares about the spiritual realm, intertwined with our earthly lives, that many do not understand. (Even though these truths are mentioned throughout the bible.) It was not only eye-opening, but powerful, in that it taught me how to stand firm against the enemy.

I read this book just a few weeks before my life took a major turn. Right before I was diagnosed with Autoimmune disorders that literally took me out of my career. I felt that the enemy was winning in stealing my livelihood, but thanks to Spirit Wars, I learned that through faith, God’s power and perfect plan, in my life, would prevail. 

Kris’ testimony is riveting. Even as a strong Christian, he was tormented by the enemy for years. He basically shares his story along with the truths of God’s word that set him free. It’s so interesting and to say powerful; is an understatement. This is a book I could read over and over again. 

5.) Wild at Heart by John Eldridge

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Wild at Heart is a book that was recommended to me during a time I was struggling in my marriage. This book completely changed my perspective about my husband. Eldridge basically shares God’s original plan and design of a man, along with the “why” and the “how” men are often missing the mark. (He went on to write the book, Captivating, with his wife Stasi, for women.)

Wild at Heart not only matured my faith, but the way I handled marital situations. I saw a change within myself, which led to a change in Scott. I honestly feel that my marriage is 100 times stronger because of this book. I hope to read it to Baby Blue, one day. God willing. Yes, it’s that good. 

So, there you have it. My top five faith-building books that you can include on your summer reading list. Feel free to Pin the image below, for easy access. If you have any that you’d suggest, feel free to comment and share! I’m always adding to my list. : )

Faith-Building Books

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