Eight Months Old ~ Update on Baby Blue

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Wow. Somebody pinch me. This baby boy, who was barely the size of a football, just eight months ago, is already turning into a little person! I can’t believe that Baby Blue is eight months old. Here is an update on the little boy that is completely melting our hearts…

Eight Months Old ~ Update on Baby Blue

Baby Blue is our third foster baby, in three years. (Baby Banana was reunified after 2 years. Baby Berry, by the eight month mark.) Last month, the goal to reunify him with his Bio Family was changed to adoption. It’s bittersweet, of course. 

We are now at that point in which foster parenting becomes extremely challenging. Babies generally begin to recognize and identify their main caregivers, around this time, forming that extraordinary bond. While Scott and I always support the reunification process, after so much time goes by, we can only pray that the baby will not suffer any trauma, if his situation changes.

In the meantime, Scott and I are enjoying every minute with Baby Blue. He is a beautiful baby with such a happy, calm, and lovable nature. He is doing really well. Hitting all the critical milestones. (Although he does seem to be taking his time on holding his own bottle!)

Blue said his first word, this past weekend. It was Da Da. Actually, it was Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da. Of course, Scott was beaming. Blue loves holding his own food and shoving things into his mouth! It’s funny when I go to take him out of his seat and find a dozen yum yums stuck to his little leggies.

Blue also loves going out! Although he is definitely quieter in public. He just takes it all in and tries to look at everything! Blue loves his daily walks in the stroller. And, he’ll typically fall asleep, without fail, within ten minutes of being in the car.

YES! Baby Blue gets 100 Kisses a Day. (At least.) Just like Baby Banana and Baby Berry did. The affection helps these babies to thrive.

Eight Month Old ~ Favorite Things

Obviously, Baby Blue is too young to identify his favorite things. But, I definitely have my favorite things that keep Blue happy. (Which in turn keeps me happy.)

1.) Boys Animal Knee High Socks –  So, up until the seven month mark, Blue would constantly kick off his socks. So, I invested in these adorable knee socks. (Which surprisingly come in really cute boy patterns.) They stayed on and they are so cute! Now that it’s summer and Blue is no longer sleeping in his swaddle, we put these on under his pjs so his feet stay warm. (It’s actually a lot cooler in our house in the summer because we crank up the AC, at night.)


2.) Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash & Organic Baby Lotion I’ve been using the Puracy brand for years, now. All three babies had beautiful skin and rarely any break-outs. (I realize some skin issues are from other factors.) But, I know sometimes baby skin is super sensitive. Not only this, but having autoimmune issues, it took me over 40 years to learn that my body does not detox normally. I try to use organic or “natural” ingredient products, on my skin, since it is the largest organ, and absorbs toxins more than we sometimes realize. I also love the smell of these products. They just smell clean! Not super floral fragrant. Just clean!

3.) Bumbo Multi Seat Another item I’ve had for years is this Bumbo seat. The only thing that needed to be replaced was the tray. But that was partly my fault for being careless in washing it. (If water gets in the cracks it will stop snapping securely, into place. I believe it cost $12 to get a replacement try. You just need to contact the company for that.) After three years, I feel this seat has served hundreds of successful baby meals. Blue has a small frame so I love how this helped him, initially, to sit up by the time he was ready to eat solid foods. 

4.) Balloons ~ OMG! I can’t get over two things: One, is how crazy Blue gets when playing with these balloons! He goes nuts and they can keep him busy for quite some time. Two, I can’t believe that these balloons have been in my house since Baby Berry’s Birthday Party! Yes, they’re still going strong. I always prefer to use mylar balloons with helium as there is no fear in them popping and scaring any kids. And, of course, I only allow him to play with them when I am supervising him closely. : )

5.) PLUM Organics Little Teethers – I just love watching Baby Blue go to town on these little teethers! Obviously, baby teeth are growing rapidly at the eight month old mark. (He has a few right now. Some are still cutting through.) I know they soothe his gums. They keep him happy. And, they’re perfect for dinner time when Scott and I want to use two hands to eat our meal, together. The only thing is these suckers are super messy and sticky. I have to peel them off the counter, the Bumbo tray, and Blue’s little leggies! 6.) Safety First ~ 1st Sounds & Lights Discovery Walker  So, Blue just started hanging out in his first walker. His toes barely touch the floor. But, I can’t wait to see him moving around the kitchen! In the meantime, this walker has just enough sounds and lights to keep him fully entertained. And, it’s perfect for when I’m doing my cooking demos on Instagram! 

7.)  SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy – I love watching a baby in the pool, for the firs time! Last weekend, we took Blue to Scott’s Parent’s place. We put him in the pool with Pop-Pop (and Scott). He loved it! I love how this comes with a canopy and you don’t need to blow it up. It also comes apart and stores very easily, as well. 

Eight Month Old Baby

Well, as you can see, Baby Blue is doing great. We are enjoying every moment being his Mommy & Daddy. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. We hope that he will continue to be a thriving, happy baby! 

Rachel Scheyer

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