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Everybody likes a good DIY Makeover story, right? Well, here you go…

I’m not sure why, but every time I turn around, my Mother-in-Law is dropping something off to my house. Evidently, Scott was a collector and cluttered up her house for twenty-some years. I think this is pay back time because almost every time she visits, we seem to collect more of his old stuff and some of hers, too. 

Sometimes, I feel like it’s Christmas. Other times, I’m scratching my head, trying to figure out how to put it to use or somehow make it disappear. 

This time, it was this old vanity bench.

This vanity bench was in fairly good condition. I mean, as far as it being in one piece. But, the style was dated and it didn’t match our home decor. The only place it could work is in our master bathroom. 


bathroom vanity

It just needed a little makeover. So, I decide to reupholster the seat and spray paint the metal frame a hammered nickel color to match our fixtures. 

This project only took about 60 minutes of labor. I did it in two days (30 minutes each day) while babies were napping. So, before you throw that old piece of whatever out the window, think about trying something creative (and fun) that you can do to make it work.

The hardest part, believe it or not, was trying to find a fabric that had even a smidgeon of the same color I’d chosen for the walls. I do love the color. It’s called Adobe Straw by Behr. 

The best I could do was this vintage grey damask fabric that had a “hint” of the wall paint color in it. I may get more of this fabric later and make curtains for the bathroom, later. (Right now, I just have a basic lace valance up from Amazon.)

I needed to remove the seat from the metal frame. That was fairly easy to do and took all of 30 seconds. 

Once that was done, it was time to work on the frame.

DIY Makeover

DIY Makeover

First, I used a deglosser. This Sander Deglosser, which you can get off of Amazon or at a home improvement/hardware store is a MUST-HAVE if you plan on doing furniture makeovers! It helps to remove any enamel, varnish, sheen, gloss, etc. So that your new paint will adhere beautifully! It’s easy to use. Just make sure you wear safety glasses! 

sander deglosser

After a good wipe down, the metal was smooth and ready for paint. I used a Hammered silver spray paint. (Click here, for the link.) 

(I decided to cover the gold balls on the ends to keep them that way.) The spray painting was fun, but the odor was pretty strong. Which is why I did the polishing and painting, outside. It came out really nice. I liked the gold-looking knobs. 

DIY Makeover

Finally, it was time to staple the new fabric to the seat cushion. I decided to go right over the leather, since that was in good condition. I also doubled the fabric.


Using a phillips screwdriver, I attached the seat back to the frame. And, that was it! It looks really nice in the bathroom!

DIY Makeover

DIY Makeover

DIY Makeover

DIY Makeover

DIY Makeover

Well, as the old saying goes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That may be pushing it, here. But, at least this was a fun, easy, and successful DIY Project that I’m rather proud of. I hoped you enjoyed the pictures.




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