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I really enjoy getting dolled up and going out.  I do NOT do this often which is probably why I enjoy it so much.  Whenever I have a special occasion, such as a wedding, I appreciate having a reason to spend a little extra time doing things I don’t normally do.

This weekend, Scott and I went to a wedding in Philadelphia.  It was a beautiful affair, and of course, the bride and the groom lit up the entire evening!  Earlier in the day, I was browsing the internet for ideas on how to wear my hair.  Typically, I like to do things my own unique way, but I never pass up an opportunity to get a spark in my imagination from magazines or on-line.  I was more than excited when I discovered this picture of Kate Hudson.


I love Kate Hudson. And, I love how she can wear her hair a little tousled like this and still look amazing! I figured it looked somewhat easy to replicate, and so I figured I’d give it a try.

Here is what I used: Large Velcro Rollers, Bobby pins, Hair Spray, Big Sexy Hair, Teasing Brush; Comb; Hair Tie

BigSexyHairStep 1: I rolled my hair with 2 inch velcro rollers. (You can use any size that is proportional to your hair length.) I used hair spray and Big Sexy Hair powder at the roots before securing each roller with a bobby pin.

LE Woman DIY Formal Hairstyle

Step 2: After about 1 hour, I removed the rollers. Now, rollers this large will NOT make your hair curly. They will make your hair wavy & full!

LE Woman DIY Formal Hairstyle

Step 3: Using a comb or teasing brush, tease behind each section of hair until you look like the scary girl from the movie, The Ring.(Heck NO, I didn’t actually see this movie!)

LE Woman DIY Formal Hairstyle

Step 4: Using a comb, gently smooth your hair from the top of each section of hair, so that you still have some height, but no frizz! Make 3 Sections using the top half of your hair and braid all the way down. Tie with a hair tie that matches your hair color.

LE Woman DIY Formal Hairstyle

Step 5:  Make 3 new sections of your hair (the braid from Step 4 will be part of the middle section) and loosely braid the bottom half of hair all the way to the bottom. Secure with a hair tie, and curl or smooth the untied strands. Use bobby pins to secure any pieces or sections that are too loose. Personally, I prefer the imperfect look.

LE Woman DIY Formal Hairstyle

Step 6:  Curl your bangs with a curling iron. I did one side with a loose ringlet (small iron) and the other side with a wave (big iron).

LE Woman DIY Formal HairstyleAnd, that’s it!  All dressed up and ready to go!  (Well, after make-up, jewelry, etc.)

LE Woman DIY Formal Hairstyle

LE Woman DIY HairMy favorite accessory:  My husband, Scott!

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