Designer Dupes ~ Summer 2018

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I am a huge proponent of spending a little more for a better quality product. I don’t know many women who would turn down a free pair of Gucci sunglasses, Valentino pumps, or an iconic Chloe Bag. However, when the price tag looks like the bill from our last family vacation, it’s rather simple to resort to mere window shopping. 

Designer Dupes

I try to live a balanced lifestyle. I believe it’s perfectly fine to treat ourselves to a nice vacation or a pair of designer sunglasses, from time to time. It’s all about moderation and living within our means. But, if I’m being realistic, it doesn’t suit me nor my lifestyle to own an authentic pair of Valentino heels. 

I will admit, that if and when I am drawn to a particular fashion design or trend, I try to explore alternatives. Something that looks as nice and has a reasonable price to quality ratio. It just so happens that Target and Amazon are doing a killer job duping the likes of upscale designer’s from Chloe’ to Channel. 

Last winter, I purchased a look-a-like version of the Gucci Princetown Fur-Lined Leather Mule ($995). And, wore the Target version ($29), all winter long, very happily! They were super cute, comfortable, and excluded any trace of buyer’s remorse. 

Gucci Princeton Genuine Leather Shearling Loafer Mule
Designer Dupes of 2018
Black Fur Mules by “A New Day”

So, if your eye repeatedly gravitates towards that beautiful designer handbag, with a price-tag that gives you heartburn; Fear not. There are other options that can make a suitable compromise. They’re called Dupes. And, for those of you who are skeptics, just take a closer look at the following items. Minus the label, of course. (And, the extra numeric digit on the price tag.) I think you’ll be surprised at how much these “dupes” look like their designer version. 

Gucci 55mm Square Sunglasses – $565.00

Gucci Dupes ~ My Shades ~ $14.99

Valentino Rockstud T-Strap Pump ~ $995.00

Kaitlyn Pan Studded Slingback Pumps ~ $113.99

Chloe Bag Faye Suede & Leather Shoulder Bag – $1,950

Genuine Leather Women Crossbody Purse ~ Actlure ~ $84.99

Cult Gaia XLarge Ark Bamboo Handbag ~ $188

Bamboo Handbag ~Miucco ~ $43.99 

Celine Micro Drummed Luggage Bag ~ $2,875

Designer Dupes

Designer Dupes

Valentino ‘Rockstud’ Flip Flop ~ $345

Bowtie Flip Flops Jelly Thong Sandal by Tengyufly ~ $19.99

Designer Dupes

Hermes Click H Bracelet ~ $600

Buckle Bangle Bracelet by Tangbr ~ $16.99

Designer Dupes

Well, there you have some of my picks on Designer Dupes. Which one is your favorite?

Rachel Scheyer

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