Delicious Summer Side Salads ~ My Top Five

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One of my favorite things about summer is having access to beautiful, fresh, and colorful produce! I don’t crave veggies nor salads, as much, in the winter months. For obvious reasons. I also feel that dinner is so much more enjoyable in the summer. Scott and I try to grill and dine outdoors, as often as possible, throughout the summer months. Typically, Scott prepares our meat or fish entree, on the grill. So, I have ample time to prepare the most delicious, summer side salads. 

Delicious Summer Side Salads

I can never get enough of fresh summer produce. It’s so much fun preparing side salads, in different ways. I figured I’d share my favorite delicious, summer side salads that will compliment just about any grilled entree. I do have my own spin on most of these recipes, and I’ll share my tweaks, below. 

Summer Side Salad

1.) Southwest Salad ~Carlsbad Cravings

Summer Side Salad

It took me a while to find a recipe that was so close to the way I like my Southwest Salads. Jen, the author of Carlsbad Cravings, is a cystic fibrosis survivor, and creates magnificent dishes and recipes in her California home. Her dressing for this salad is amazing, but it is a bit time consuming. Personally, I like taking a good quality ranch dressing, combining it with salsa, and calling it a day. But, that’s only when I’m feeling lazy. : ) This salad goes great with burgers, or Mexican flavored chicken, or steak. 

2.) Quinoa Salad ~ Serious Eats

Summer Side Salad

I first sampled this type of quinoa salad, a few years ago, at a friend’s house. Sometimes, I vary the ingredients. It all depends on what is in my fridge. This recipe is fairly full-proof. However, I prefer using basil, in lieu of mint and parsley. Also, balsamic vinegar in lieu of red wine vinegar. : )

3.) Caprese Salad ~ by Jenn Segal, Once Upon a Chef

Summer Side Salad

I never followed a recipe for Caprese Salad, because it’s so easy. It wasn’t until I began searching for a reference, for this post, that I realized just how many variations there are in this recipe. Jenn, from Once Upon a Chef, does it the way I like it. There is just one tweak. I prefer using freshly minced garlic, in lieu of sugar. 

4.) Roasted Corn & Edamame Salad  ~ Spicy Southern Kitchen

Summer Side Salad

Scott first made this salad for me, several years ago. I was so surprised at the level of deliciousness! I believe it is the creamy, basil-y dressing. Again, there are dozens of variations to a corn-based salad. However, Christen, from Spicy Southern Kitchen has this recipe down to a science. No tweaks, here. 

5.) Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Salad ~ Ree Drumond

summer side salad

I know. It’s surprising that I have chosen Ree Drummond’s recipe over an Italian Cook, for this Mediterranean-flavored Orzo salad. But, there is just one tweak I’d make on this recipe. Scott and I do not prefer the parsley, in this salad. So, I omit that. Other than that? Perfection. 

Well, there you have it. My top five, favorite, summer side salads. Which is your favorite?

Rachel Scheyer 

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