Dear Baby Blue...

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Dear Baby Blue,

I can’t believe that in just a few days, you’ll be ONE! It seems like yesterday that we got the call from the agency about you. Your foster-daddy and I were taking care of Baby Berry, at the time. We knew that she would love having another baby around.

When we arrived to the hospital, you were being fed your little bottle of formula, by one of the kind nurses. You were the TINIEST little baby I’ve ever seen. Barely five pounds. As soon as they put you in my arms, I began to fall in love with you. I had a feeling that you would be the one to break down the walls around my heat. Walls that had been a result of losing a foster child, after two years. Just a few months prior. I wish you could have met her. She was so beautiful, inside and out.

You did get to meet your foster sister, Baby Berry! I loved watching you both together. And even though she is now home with her family, I’m glad that she is still a part of our lives.

You’ve gotten so big in the past twelve months. You more than tripled in size. Your hair is thick and your eyes have turned to a beautiful hazel. I know you want to walk, so badly! But, you’re doing such a great job moving around in your walker. So fast. Crashing into everything. It’s cute and funny.

I love everything about you, but there are definitely a few things that are my favorite. Your voice and your laugh. How you’re so ticklish in your tiny little armpits. I blow raspberries on them, all the time. And when you start cracking up, it’s just the cutest thing. You also have the most beautiful little leggies. A little chubby, but oh, so perfect.

This past year has been full of wonderful memories. I think my favorite was the week we spent at the shore. Just you and daddy and me. I loved having that uninterrupted time with you and your dad. Every minute of every day. Swimming in the pool. Walking you in your stroller. Taking you to breakfast and dinner, every day.

On Sunday, we’ll be hosting your first birthday party. This next year is going to be the year you start discovering and learning so much! I’m excited and hopeful to be a part of that. I can’t wait to see you on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to teach you new things and visit new places. Like the zoo. Your first movie. And, maybe even a football game! 

I want you to know how much I love you. I thank God every day that He chose me to be your mommy during your first year of life. You have been the greatest blessing these past twelve months. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you, and your future.

I already know some of the gifts the good Lord has given you. You’re so quick! I can’t even tell you how many times you grabbed a bowl or a glass and caused a spill. I have a feeling you’re going to be athletic. Maybe a baseball pitcher or something that requires speed and agility. You’re also pretty clever. Whenever I try to hide the remote control from you, you somehow manage to find it!

You have a dynamic personality and a contagious smile. I know you’re going to be a light to others. I love watching others upon meeting you for the first time. They are smitten by your charm and that adorable, perfect little face of yours. 

Almost every night, I’ve had the privilege of rocking you to sleep. Singing to you. And, praying over you. My prayer will always be for God to bless you, Baby Blue. May your light always shine for others to see. I love you, Baby Blue!


Your Mommy (today and hopefully forever) xo





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