Last week, this time, Scott and I were enjoying Baby Banana in sunny Florida. It was an extraordinary vacation in so many ways. Obviously having Baby B with us, and introducing her to a swimming pool, a beach, and an ocean. But, more importantly, this was a special time for Scott and me to enjoy our 5 month-old foster baby, away from the business of our regular days.

At first we didn’t know if we should forego our annual winter retreat or have our parents watch Banana (and Cooper). This was how Scott was leaning, but I didn’t think we should skip our vacation nor leave Banana behind. After all, this would be a great opportunity for the three of us to enjoy undisturbed quality time, together. I’m so glad we made the right decision. Although, it was not an easy one to make.

A few Ifs to consider before doing a Babycation

If you are comfortable and somewhat experienced traveling.

Scott and I love to travel. If we had it our way, we’d be traveling more often than our traditional 2 big trips, and 2 little weekend trips per year. I’d say we’re pretty experienced, by now. We’ve learned the do’s and don’ts. Such as, don’t take a sleeping pill before you board your flight.

Do we have time for a quick story?

A few years back, when I was having very serious sleep issues, I was prescribed a sleep aid. Before a long scheduled late night flight, returning home from vacation, I swallowed my sleeping pill (I kid you not) at the exact moment an announcement was made. Our flight had been delayed 30 minutes. I swallowed the pill too soon! I don’t remember a thing, after that. But, Scott does.

Of course, we had EXIT seats for that flight. So, I can only imagine the stewardess’ reaction upon seeing my husband literally shake me to respond to her standard questioning.

Stewardess: “Miss, will you be able and willing to open the EXIT door in case of an emergency.”
Me:“ZZZZZZ” (snore)
Scott: “Yeah, she’ll be fine.”
Stewardess: “Um, I need a verbal YES from her.”
Scott: (shaking my head) “Rach, say YES”.
Me: “Yeahhhsssss ZZZZZ” (snore)

Yeah, that probably wasn’t a good idea. Thankfully, I don’t require sleeping medicines,these days. Back to my point. Scott and I are pretty experienced and very comfortable traveling. This was one reason why we decided to bring Banana. : )

**If your baby is happy being held or tends to sleep in moving vehicles.

I was most apprehensive about flying with a baby. Banana always falls asleep when we hold her (eventually) or during car rides. Fortunately, I was able to book an early morning departure flight, (in which I knew she’d fall back asleep on), and an evening flight during her late night snooze. These flight times also gave us two extra afternoons in the sun. We were going to get Banana her own seat, but I knew that she’d sleep on me the majority of the time. And, she did!

2016-01-30 09.48.51

We met another couple at our hotel, later that week, who said they’re 18-month old wanted to walk up and down the aisle the entire flight. I honestly don’t think I’d be willing to do that, and I’m pretty certain Scott wouldn’t either!

**If you and your husband can afford sacrificing “alone” time.

Scott and I have spent the past 7 years vacationing like Newlyweds! We knew going into this that it was no longer all about us. Banana requires constant care at this age. So, we decided to take turns with her, during the hours she was awake, and enjoy “us” time whenever she was asleep. (Without fail, Banana takes an early evening nap, around 6pm. This is and was a blessing for Scott and me to enjoy our quality time during dinner.)

We were pretty popular at our resort. (Seems like yesterday, it was me observing parents with kids on vacation.) One afternoon, Scott took Banana to our room to nap. As soon as they left, I made myself comfortable in my lounge chair. An older woman, walking by, asked if it was a lot bringing the baby, and she complimented on how Scott and I were so natural at tag-teaming. I told her that this vacation really was about enjoying the baby. She seemed to understand what I was saying.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that we’ve waited so long to be parents! That may be the greatest reason why this was a no-brainer for us???

**If you want to enjoy your baby without interruptions.

I’ll admit, my lifestyle is more laid-back than it has ever been in my entire adult life. Still, I still spend several hours a day doing household chores, or taking care of myself or my family. I’ve mentioned before that Banana wants to be held a lot during the day, and I love holding her! (I know that it’s a phase that I will miss, someday.) So, I thoroughly enjoyed holding my little angel every minute in the beautiful warm summer-like breeze…without worrying about laundry, groceries, dishes, and feeding or playing with Cooper. (Sorry, Coop!) It was just so nice, and so easy.

2016-02-03 20.34.41

**If you can recruit help.

We didn’t need much help, since Banana is at a fairly easy age. However, if we do this again, after she is crawling or walking, we’re either going to bring someone along or go somewhere close to friends or family, so we have a little help on hand.

The last thing I want to mention is that Scott and I put a lot of thought into which baby items were necessities. We knew the hotel provided a crib. (Winner!) So, here is a list of things we brought for the baby:

**Travel System (Stroller and Car Seat)2016-01-30 16.04.18
**Play Mat
**Bouncy Seat
**Baby Carrier
**iPad with Harry the Bunny downloaded!
**Plenty of blankets. Including light-weight muslin blankets to use outdoors to block the sun.
**A baby raft/tent. (Banana slept on this a few times, on a lounge chair!)

Overall, this was a beautiful respite to spend quality time, as a family. I’m glad we did it, and if you’re thinking about it, I hope you enjoy a Babycation with your loved one, too!

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