Baby Blue's Bedroom Makeover ~ Transportation Theme

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Baby Blue is now fifteen months old! And that’s how long it’s taken to complete his bedroom makeover. As you may recall, Scott and I have done quite a few bedroom makeovers throughout the past five years. (Six makeovers for two bedrooms. But, who’s counting!) So, I guess you can say we’re slowing down a bit. However, Baby Blue finally has his very own, little boy bedroom. With a transportation theme! From firetrucks to motorcycles. Dump-trucks, trains, race cars, and seaplanes. It’s super fitting, since Baby Blue is all about, “Go! Go! Go!”

Baby Blue’s Bedroom Makeover ~ Transportation Theme

Originally, Baby Blue was in Banana’s bedroom. He is using the same crib we’ve had for a few years, now. At first we simply changed the linens with a crib set that was on sale at Buy Buy Baby! (That was the start of the transportation theme.) A few months ago, we moved his crib to the original Blue Room. Does anyone remember when we referenced this bedroom as the Blue Room!? Little did we know, back then, that this would eventually become Baby Blue’s Bedroom!

The original “Blue Room”. Shortly after we moved into The House on High Street. We decided to keep the curtains for “Baby Blue’s Room”.

This past September, I repainted a dresser that Scott and I originally picked up, at an auction. I used a midnight blue colored chalk paint which was able to cover up the “shabby chic” effects I created two summers ago!

Boy's Bedroom Transportation Theme

Once this dresser was complete, I started shopping on-line for accent pieces to decorate Blue’s room. Since we already had a comforter set with trains, planes, and automobiles, we decided to go with an official transportation theme!

Boy's Bedroom Transportation Theme

I found the perfect set of transportation art prints on Etsy. Since the ceiling is 10 foot high in Blue’s room, I figured an art collage would fill some wall space, nicely.

Bedroom Transportation Theme

Next, Scott got to work on shelves for one of the corners of Blue’s bedroom. I requested triangular shelves so we could make the most of a corner space. Now the shelves are adorned with toys, books, stuffed animals, a sound machine, monitor, piggy bank, a plant, and an alarm clock. (Ok, those last two items weren’t necessary for a one-year old’s bedroom. But, I thought they looked nice!)

Bedroom Transportation Theme

Boy's Bedroom Transportation Theme

I also purchased a decal sticker with Baby Blue’s first initial (Yes. His first name begins with a C!) The decal included adorable accents of airplanes and clouds. 

This grey swivel rocker is one of my favorite purchases, since I started fostering babies! I have probably already spent hundreds of hours rocking babies to sleep. Singing. And, telling stories! It’s sentimental to me, now. The floor lamp was an affordable (and fun) find that I got off of Amazon! I love the colorful variety of the lamp shades. I also love how the lamps bend, in all directions! Very convenient when I’m reading to Blue.

Boy's Bedroom Transportation Theme

“Itsy Bitsy Spider” is one of Blue’s Favorite rhymes! He cracks up and claps his little hands. So precious!

Boy's Bedroom Transportation Theme

Overall, I’d say Baby Blue’s room is decorated rather simply. Maybe even a little more on the mature side. But, I’m sure as soon as he’s old enough to make decisions, he’ll be asking for us to do makeover number seven. Or, eight? I lost count!

I leave you with a few more photos of Baby Blue’s Room. 

This was Scott’s first coin bank!

Boys Bedroom Transportation Theme

Boy's Bedroom Transportation Theme

Boy's Bedroom Transportation Theme

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