Baby Blue ~ Ten Months Old

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Oh, Boy! Baby Blue is ten months old! So much is happening, lately. Milestones, precious moments, and memories in the making. Scott and I (along with our loved ones) are celebrating Baby Blue’s ten month birthday with gratefulness, humility, and joy. 

Baby Blue ~ Ten Months Old

I absolutely love this age! Baby Blue is turning into a little person right before our eyes. And (if at all possible), he is getting even more beautiful. It’s a little strange using that word to describe a baby boy. But, honestly? He is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, that’s what others will say, “Oh, he is just so beautiful!” To which I can respond, “I know! I don’t think Scott and I could have done better, ourselves!”

I think the greatest standout feature, these past few weeks, is that Baby Blue’s disposition is really beginning to show. He is somewhat laid back, especially when we are out and about, or around other people. He has this gorgeous, pensive look. Like he is just checking you out. Too cool for school. He may give you a smile. (If you’re female or sporting a beard, he will probably smile. For obvious reasons. ; )

Yet, when it’s just him with Scott or me, Baby Blue is full of smiles. Lively and adventurous. He loves to climb. Lunge. Jump. Grab. Yank. Pull. And, bite…(He has six, rather sharp, chompers!)

Whatever is in that tiny little arm span, (which surprisingly manages to exceed your expectations), Blue will own it. Before you even blink. And, heaven forbid if you try to reclaim it. Lately, his obsession has been with water bottles. It’s not enough to let him touch it. Or, even hold it. No, he needs to drink out of it. Just like “mommy” and “daddy” do it. 

Speaking of which, Baby Blue loves to imitate us! Scott shakes his head. Blue shakes his head. I cough. Blue coughs. It is so adorable. We try to give him new challenges, every week, to emulate. I think Baby Blue is going to be quite the scholar, someday. 

Last week, we had Baby Blue evaluated for Early Intervention. (Which is required for babies who are born with drugs or alcohol in their system.) He was found ineligible. That’s good! That means he does not require additional services to help him meet typical milestones. Scott and I were very happy to hear this, as we believe it’s due to the love and affection we try our best in giving him. If that weren’t enough~ Blue had both evaluators wrapped around his finger with his charming smile and personality.

And boy oh boy (no pun intended), Blue is so strong and wild. (In a tame way, if that makes sense.) Aside from being smart, I get the feeling that he is going to have a lot of power and energy. I hope to help him channel that in the best way possible. Sports, most likely. 

In the meantime, when we’re home, Scott and I make sure Blue has something constructive to play with. He has a lot of new favorites, these days!*

10 Months Old


Please Pray For Us : )

Overall, our experience with Baby Blue has been wonderful. We are sad that his Bio Family (currently) is not showing much effort in getting him reunified. But, at the same time, we are treating him no differently than we would if he were our own biological child. 

I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to open my heart again, to another foster baby. I like to think God really took care of me, with His gracious and merciful hand. Baby Blue is extraordinary. There’s just no other way I can describe him. 

We have a court hearing coming up, soon. It brings on a flood of emotions. At this point, if Blue’s Bio Family decided to work towards reunification, that would mean he would not leave us until he is at least two years old. God knows I can’t go through witnessing that again. So, I’m praying that God will take care of Baby Blue, first and foremost. And, protect his little heart from getting broken at such a tender age. 

Scott and I would like to ask for you to keep us in your prayers. We love Baby Blue so much, and we want whatever is best for him. Scott and I refuse to deny him love in fear of getting our hearts broken, again. It’s only due to God’s grace that we are still loving His children, in this capacity.

It’s all part of His extraordinary plan. Thank you for reading! May God bless you for your love and support. xo

Rachel Scheyer



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