Baby BLUE ~ Six Months Old!

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This week, Baby Blue is turning six months old. It’s going so fast and he is getting so big. Here is an update on what BLUE has been up to and what his foster situation currently looks like…

Currently, Baby Blue is a whopping 22 pounds. He is in the 99% for weight. 25% for height. What that means is that he is a super-dense-meatball-sized-kettlebell! I love watching my friends and family members picking him up. They have the same surprised reaction, because he does not appear as heavy as he really is! 

Blue loves his bouncy swing! He’s finally able to touch the floor with his tipppy toes and if we place a part of Cooper’s bed under him, he is starting to jump!

Blue is also getting on a schedule with bottle feedings and naps. I feel that every time I say this, he makes a liar out of me, and goes off of it. LOL But, he started sleeping the night at three months old. I know. Success! The good Lord knows that Scott and I are useless without a good night’s sleep, so this was honestly a blessing for us.

Blue also takes a morning nap, religiously, around 8:30am. I hold him and do my devotions during this time. It’s a great reminder to pray for him and my other foster babies who have moved on.

Blue spends time with Megan, our sitter, two mornings a week. I use this time to the gym, work on my blog, and do laundry. Blue loves Megan. I think he is starting to wonder if he has two mommies because when one of us is holding him and the other is looking down on him, he looks at both of us with a huge smile and his eyes wide open! Almost like he’s saying, “JACKPOT! I have two mommies that love me and give me a lot of kisses!” 

Megan and Blue.

I know every mommy says this, but I honestly think that Baby Blue is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! His eyes are almond shaped. Like a greenish-bluish-grey. I suppose I could have called him Baby Green-Blue-Grey, but I like the ring of Baby Blue. He has the tiniest features and a huge smile. His laugh is infectious.

So, you’re probably wondering, what is going to happen with Blue in the near future. Will he be reunified with his bio-family? Will he be adopted by us? Will he be with us a long time and then be reunified? My prayer is (and always will be moving forward), “PLEASE Lord, if these babies are going home, please help their bio families to get them there before they bond.” Nothing is guaranteed, but I can certainly hope that IF Baby Blue makes it to his first birthday, he will stay forever.

These next few months are critical. I do have a feeling that the goal will change to adoption soon, but since the concurrent goal will be to reunify him throughout that phase, Scott and I know better than to get our hopes up. It’s a sad reality in our current foster care system. When we signed up for foster care I never thought that a baby could be reunified so late. After they are 100% bonded to their foster family and thriving. 

Being a foster mom is the hardest job I’ve ever done. But, it has stretched my faith.

I will let your know something. I do have a good feeling that Blue’s biological family will work with us as a team. I met and spoke with one of his bio parents and I can tell that there is a genuine concern for his best interest. So, that’s my second prayer, for Baby Blue’s sake. That if he is reunified, and it is hard on him ~ his bio family will cooperate with us and allow him to ease into it.

I’m very much in love with Blue. I didn’t think it would be possible to give my heart to another foster baby after what happened with Baby Banana. As you now know, from my latest post, “Reunified at No Cost”, I am still struggling in understanding why a system that claims all efforts are in “the best interest of the child”, provided no services to help Banana or her foster parents (yours truly) get through it. It was such an awful experience and I’m still recovering from that. But, I know God gave us Baby Blue for a good reason. I’ve learned that the human heart is a muscle and it can certainly repair and even get stronger over time. 

Thank you, again, for your care and your prayers regarding our foster journey. You’re a part of this and so my prayer for you is that God will bless you immensely for showing an interest to His children. 

Well, a little off the subject, but I have good news regarding Baby Berry. Her first birthday is coming up and her Bio Family asked if I would host it at The House on High Street! So, that’s super exciting. I’ll be sure to include some photos from the party in a future post.

God bless.

Rachel Scheyer

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