Authentic Italian Meatballs

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To this day, I have never had meatballs, outside of my mom’s and grandmother’s meatballs, that I could say were memorable and delicious. I’ve been to Italy, where I thought I would experience authentic Italian meatballs, that were truly unforgettable. But, they just didn’t compare to the meatball recipe that has been in my family for years. This recipe originated from my ancestors in Naples, Italy. 

Authentic Italian Meatballs

I was reluctant to make create this recipe, not because I’m too stingy to share it. (Hello. That’s what I do, here!) But, because to a certain extent, Italian cooking relies on instinct. I know that may be hard to understand. But, most Italian cooks create their best dishes following their instincts over a strict recipe. 

The good news is that this instinct can be acquired. And, you don’t need to have Italian blood. Just a desire to create extraordinary food with love, and share it with your loved ones. 

authentic Italian meatballs

So, here is the recipe, as simple as I can make it. You can fry these suckers or bake them. In my opinion, if you’re serving them with sauce, then you’re better off baking them. This is a matter of opinion, but personally, I don’t prefer the crispy shell of a meatball in sauce. I feel that it contradicts the smoothness and overall taste of the sauce, on top of your pasta. But, you can certainly experiment with baking and frying, and adjust your cooking method to your liking. 

If you are making a meatball sandwich without sauce. Yes, it’s a thing. A very delicious thing my Jewish husband absolutely loves (with or without mozzarella or sharp provolone). I would definitely recommend frying them. And, please be sure to serve them on a fresh, Italian roll! 

authentic Italian meatballs

One last thing. You’ll notice that I do not include fresh parsley in my meatballs. I do use fresh basil. You can experiment with this, but my family prefers the taste with the basil over the often-too-grassy-textured-and-flavored parsley leaves. 

authentic Italian meatballs

Ok, don’t be nervous. You can do this. Let me know how it goes. 


Rachel Scheyer

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