5 Things to Bring on Your Next Baby-cation!

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Last week, Scott and I took Baby Banana to Avalon Beach to spend time with my family and celebrate my parents’ (very much belated) 50th Anniversary. I’d call it a Baby-cation. Trust me! It does not have to be a bad thing. Here’s 5 Things to Bring on Your Next Baby-cation!

At nine months old, Banana is now standing, crawling around, and touching just about anything. Needless to say, I was nervous and confused about what to bring for our 5 night vacation. There’s just so much STUFF out there for babies, these days. I wanted to pack as little as possible.

A week beforehand, I posted this video asking veteran moms for some tips. I got a bunch of advice. From baby powder (to help remove wet beach sand) to “Don’t go!”

I’m happy to report that the items I packed turned out to be LIFE SAVERS in terms of keeping Banana happy. Which, in turn, helped us all enjoy our time together!

Here are my TOP 5 Lifesavers for your next Baby-cation. I’m including links for you to Amazon. (My favorite place to shop!)

1) Lightweight & Compact Umbrella Stroller (I know. This one is a no-brainer.)


This Summer Infant Stroller, is the bestseller on Amazon. It has all the basic features. It’s lightweight. Easy to fold. And, inexpensive. ($79) It also comes in many colors.

The Baby Cargo Series is the one I ordered right before a family beach vacation. This model is made very well and is super attractive. It even comes with a rain cover! It’s comfortable and caters to tall parents! (42″ in height) It’s a bit more expensive ($100 more), but I really like this stroller and Banana liked it, too.

Obviously, an umbrella stroller won’t do much good on the beach. But unless you are spending more time in the sand, I’d go with the umbrella stroller, hands down.
2) iPad Holder

Clamp Mount Stand for iPad and iPhone

I may or may not have mentioned, that Banana loves watching Harry the Bunny! She’s been watching him since she was 2 months old! Scott and I have a love-hate relationship with Harry. He has made it possible for Scott and me to enjoy quiet dinners, together. But, after listening to him for the past 8 months…I find myself singing his goofy songs in my head. Sometimes all day long!

Anyway, we took an iPad to Florida and, using the cover, we kind of hung it over the handle of her baby stroller. But, now with the umbrella stroller there is no handle in front. The adjustable “arm” on this iPad holder secures it onto just about anything. We attached it to the frame of the stroller and secured it so that it was just a bit beyond her reach. Banana enjoyed her favorite Bunny during dinner time and when we were in the room getting ready to go out. (The clamp mount also attached to her crib and the furniture in the room.)

Trust me, this will be the best $20 you invest on your next vacation with baby.
3) Muslin Blankets


Hudson Baby 2 Count Muslin Swaddle Blanket, Pink

I have to say, I received so many of these as gifts for Banana. But, I had a hard time keeping her swaddled in them. (I prefer Halo for the perfect swaddle.) So, I didn’t give them much use. UNTIL we went to Florida and I realized how magnificent they are as sun blankets! They are so lightweight that I could cover Banana and keep the sun off of her. In Avalon, I would put them over her stroller when she was watching Harry the Bunny so there was no sun glare. They’d also work great at night to keep mosquitos away.

I HIGHLY recommend bringing a few of these on your next summer baby-cation.
4) Portable Sound Maker and Illuminator

SwaddleMe Slumber Buddies Soother, Grey Elephant

Oh, how I just love this little grey elephant!! He has 5 songs and nature sounds, and can light up the ceiling with neon stars in all colors. He helps my little angel fall right asleep.

Well, of course on vacation, Banana and I spent time cuddling at night with Dad and our Green Elephant!

Here’s an alternative: It’s a nightlight and sound machine in one! babycation

5) Baby Pool

Intex Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby Pool

So, this was the most popular response from my “Veteran Mom Poll – Video” I posted on Facebook. I heard a baby pool was great for the beach since it keeps baby contained and cool, of course. We actually never made it to the beach. (Even though we were right on it.) Our hotel had such a nice pool and hot tub and it was so much easier, for obvious reasons.

The Winddrift ~ Avalon, NJ

Anyway, we took an inflatable pool (and a lightweight Hand Pump) We filled it with 2 buckets of water and BAM. Banana was happy kicking and splashing and singing, etc. I like how the pool, pictured above, comes with a little sun canopy.

And, as a bonus (I know. I said FIVE lifesavers…) I’m going to remind you of something I mentioned when we took Banana to Florida. She was only 5 months old. (Not crawling nor getting into things…) I loved this float! Banana is still using it.




Well, there you have it. My TOP FIVE picks for a summer Baby-cation. EXTRA Ordinarily Yours







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