Winter Date Outfits

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Ok, Girlies. I know it’s tempting to stay indoors all winter and order take-out. Scott and I definitely spend more weekend nights at home, in the winter. But, once in a while you have to get out and about with your significant other. And, have a reason to wear something other than sweat pants! Today, I’m sharing a few Winter Date Outfits to give you some inspiration and perhaps motivation to make reservations for something special. Some of these pieces are high end. Others are under $50. Check it out!

Winter Date Outfit #1 ~ GLAM

Winter Date Outfits

This look is flirty, for sure! Wear this to a show, an event, or just a really nice restaurant. Also, don’t hold back in wearing black tights. YES! They are in style. I personally recommend them with a dress that is cut above the knee, in the winter. It will also add some balance and keep you warmer.

Winter Date Outfit #2 ~ SWANKY

Winter Date Outfits

Perhaps you’re going somewhere like a swanky, uptown kind of a place. Or, a place with music. I love the idea of a feminine blouse paired with an edgy pair of faux leather pants. A subtle mix of patterns is totally ok. Be creative, and try to keep something in common to tie it all together. (In this case, the color black.)

Winter Date Outfit #3 ~ CLASSY

Winter Date Outfits

For those with curves, going somewhere classy… I recommend something that creates a feminine silhouette. A wrap jumpsuit. A blouse with a belt or tie waist. A wrap dress. You get the idea. Both flatter your curves, nicely. Also, do try to invest in higher quality pieces because the fabric will typically fall nicer and feel nicer.

Winter Date Outfit #4 ~ Casual Chic

You can NEVER go wrong with an “all black” look, for a date outfit. That goes the same for any monochromatic look. (All white. All camel. Etc.) I’m really into bodysuits lately. However, distressed jeans or a silky midi skirt look just as good with crop tops or turtlenecks. I also love mixing textures like silk and suede, or leather and fur.

Winter Date Outfit ~ #5 FUN!

Winter Date Outfits

I wore a very similar outfit, last weekend, when Scott and I visited the Wonderspaces Exhibit in Philadelphia. It was a fun and casual night in the city. This is my favorite look for just that, during the winter. Skinny jeans or faux leather skinny pants. A graphic tee. A long duster (think faux fur, suede, etc.) AND, Doc Martens! (Or, Golden Goose sneakers, if it’s a day time thing.)

Ok, I can do this all day… But, hopefully you have some inspiration to put a winter date outfit, together. And, more importantly, GO OUT! Do you have a favorite winter date outfit you’d care to share? Let me know in the comment section below!

Rachel Scheyer

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