Westin Grand Cayman ~ Our 5 Day Winter Vacation

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Scott and I just returned from a 5-Day Winter Vacation to the Westin, Grand Cayman. When planning this trip, I specifically wanted a location in which Scott and I could enjoy calm and clear ocean water. The Seven Mile Beach, in Grand Cayman is known for it’s outrageously calm and clear ocean water. So, that was an easy decision. We decided on the Westin in Grand Cayman because it is situated on the Seven Mile Beach and had all the amenities we were looking for. In this blog post, I’m going to share an overview of the Westin, Grand Cayman. I’ll also share what we ate, since let’s face it, vacation is 50% about experiencing great food!

The Westin Grand Cayman

If you have not been to Grand Cayman, you should know that it is one of the more expensive locations. While there is no tax, the prices are almost double what we’d pay, back home. (In New Jersey.) However, this was a trip in which Scott and I just wanted to enjoy the beach and relax. We splurged on dining out. But, we compensated with foregoing excursions.

Westin Grand Cayman
Westin Grand Cayman Outdoor Bar

Scott made the excellent decision in renting a car. The Westin Grand Cayman has free parking, and while there are a lot of walkable places, we did require transport to a few restaurants that we wanted to try.

The Westin Grand Cayman
The Westin Grand Cayman is situated on the Seven Mile Beach.

Aside from the free parking, there were other reasons why we chose the Westin Grand Cayman. We wanted to be ON the Seven Mile Beach. The Westin has beautiful and perfectly-sized REAL ESTATE, on this beach! In fact, it is probably one of the best hotels on the island, if you are a beach person.

Westin Grand Cayman
This is the beach and ocean water directly in front of the Westin, Grand Cayman
The beach at the Westin, Grand Cayman, is just the perfect size! There was ample room for everyone to find seating and an umbrella.

The Westin is also within close proximity to just about everything you could possibly need. Directly across the street, you’ll find a market, liquor store, medical center, cafe, bar, sushi restaurant…Need I say more?

This may come as a surprise, but Scott and I ate NOTHING from the Westin Marriott, in five days. (I know. Crazy!) We wanted to explore restaurants in the area. (That’s what I do and what I write about.) Since there are many walkable establishments, it is POSSIBLE to forego a car. But, as you’ll later read in this blog post, we wanted to experiment a few places that were a car ride’s distance away. (Taxis are expensive and inconsistently priced.)

What We Loved about the Westin Grand Cayman

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The Westin Grand Cayman is a beautiful resort. Our favorite part of this hotel was the beach. It’s beautiful, white, and spacious. There are plenty of chairs and umbrellas, as well. The hotel staff was amicable. (The bell hops and housekeepers, were especially friendly.) The rooms and hotel common areas were spotless. The mattresses in the hotel rooms were very comfortable and plush! And, the coffee at the cafe was DELICIOUS!

Westin Grand Cayman
Another asset of the Westin Grand Cayman were the pool chairs. They were cushioned. And there were plenty of umbrellas, too.

What Could Be Better at the Westin Grand Cayman

No hotel or resort is flawless. So, there are a few things we would love to see improved at the Westin Grand Cayman.

The thermostats in the rooms at the Westin Grand Cayman are capped at 68. Of course this can be perfectly fine for some people. But, we ended up sleeping rather poorly. (In spite of those super comfortable mattresses.) The room was just too warm for us. The ceiling fan is positioned right over the head of the bed, so if you run it full blast be prepared for a possible earache. We were told that they cap the temperature because the electric is so expensive. (Understandable.) But, this interrupted our sleep, quite a bit.

Some of the rooms had a musky smell. This was ironic because the Westin is owned by Marriott. And, Marriott is known to have that fresh signature scent in their hotel lobbies. (Don’t believe me? They sell it! It truly is a beautiful scent!) If only they could get the rooms to smell “fresher”.

While the mattresses are a popular asset to the Westin (and Marriott), the pillows? Not so much. We did request foam pillows after the third day. Still they weren’t the best.

After a less than average night’s sleep, you may be tempted to splurge for a cabana on the beach or by the pool. There’s no need to worry about reserving one, because they are RARELY ever used. But, this is most likely because the pool cabanas are wicker, with no shade. And, the beach cabanas are pricey. (I believe $250-$450 depending on the size.)

Westin Grand Cayman
Beach Cabana

Scott noticed a hammock on the property that was actually roped off. I’m not sure if this is because it was under repair? Or waiting for a “paid reservation”?

Overall, I will say that our stay at the Westin Grand Cayman was very pleasant. Scott and I would stay again. (We would just bring our own pillows. Maybe an additional fan!) Also, there were a lot of young children. Next time, Chase would be old enough to come with us, so that would actually be a good thing.

Westin Grand Cayman
Balcony Room on Side of Westin Grand Cayman had a partial Ocean view.
Bag / Glasses / Swim Cover-Up

Ok, now let’s get to the NEARBY RESTAURANTS that we absolutely LOVED!

5 OUTSTANDING Restaurants near the Westin Grand Cayman

Being a foodie and blogger… It seemed unjust to eat solely at the hotel. Not to mention, there are so many great restaurants in Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman!

I do feel that we made out very well in our selections of restaurants. Scott and I did our due diligence in checking online reviews and asking the locals. We only had two meals a day, as they were big meals and there was no way we could fit three. (Especially with our early afternoon cocktail(s) and late afternoon coffee/capuccinos). 

Breakfast & Lunch

For breakfast we ate at a place directly across the street from the Westin, called Good Eats. They had an extensive and moderately priced menu. The food was delicious! 

Twice for lunch, we had drinks and fish platters at Calico Jacks. (The mudslides are highly recommended!) The grouper and mahi mahi platters were delicious and generous portions, as well. But, you really NEED to go here for the experience. It’s right on the beach, and such a fun atmosphere!

Westin Grand Cayman
Calico Jacks, Grand Cayman
Westin Grand Cayman
Calico Jacks, Grand Cayman

But, our favorite lunch was at The Sunshine Grill. Also walkable, this adorable open air cafe had a very pleasant bar and staff. The drinks were delicious and the food was outstanding! I literally went back the next day. (Scott had a cold that was at its worst on that day, and I felt comfortable going there alone. Again, the staff was very friendly.) I highly recommend the Jerk Chicken Egg Rolls along with the Fish Tacos or the Burger. But, if you decide on the Fish Tacos make sure you at least try the “Sunshine Scramble” (that obviously comes with the burgers). Never have I ever experienced a french fry ensemble like this one! It was a medley of sweet potato and regular french fries along with fried mushrooms, onions, and jalapeño peppers. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

Westin Grand Cayman
The Sunshine Scramble at The Sunshine Grill is a MUST TRY. It comes with their burgers.
Westin Grand Cayman
The Jerk Chicken Eggroll at The Sunshine Grill was to DIE FOR!!

We had dinner at a few restaurants, and fulfilled every cuisine option.  Here’s a rundown of each…


It’s almost a tragedy to omit Jerk Chicken or Conch Fritters while in Grand Cayman. Peppers Bar and Grill did NOT disappoint. It’s a great “first night” restaurant option because it’s laid back~ It has that island-feel you crave immediately if not sooner upon settling in on the “Island”. Oh, and to my surprise, their Key Lime Pie was as good if not BETTER than our favorite restaurant’s version, back home. (The Bone Fish Grill makes a ridiculous version. It’s a little richer and the crust is denser.) There was something about the lighter buttery crust that made this the happiest ending to our first dinner out. 


On night two, we got a little dressed up and ventured out to Bacaro. It was less than a ten minute drive. Nestled on the water, we probably should have gone a little earlier than we had. But, the sunsets were beautiful at the resort. Right over the ocean. In fact, each day, Scott and I would have coffee before getting ready for dinner and watch it from one of the patios. Anyway, the food at Barcoa was unforgettable! We don’t usually prefer tapas (small plate) types of restaurants. Scott and I are both BIG EATERS! But in this case, we were happy. Every dish was a delight. And, I realized that small plate desserts are the way to go. (Since I can never make up my mind on just one dessert!) 


By our third evening, Scott was starting to feel feverish. We opted for Mexican. Casa 43 was only a 2 minute car ride away from the Westin. (I would have walked it, but Scott wasn’t feeling that great, that evening.) Anyway, the atmosphere here is casual, fun, and cozy. The Mexican corn is to die for. (I need to recreate this, at home!) The burrito and taco dishes were outstanding. Seriously, so good that we could have gone here a second nigh. (If we had more time in Grand Cayman.)

Westin, Grand Cayman
Burrito at Casa 43
Westin, Grand Cayman
Soft Tacos at Casa 43


Night four, I left Scott to rest at the hotel and went to Yoshi Sushi. (Another gem, directly across the street from the Westin.) They had a happy hour going on, so I ordered their signature martini. Followed by the Firecracker shrimp and Tsunami Roll. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever enjoy sushi the same anymore. The fish was so fresh and everything was delicious!

Westin Grand Cayman
Firecracker Shrimp at Yoshi Sushi, Grand Cayman


Thankfully, Scott felt almost himself by Day Five. We made a reservation at The Cracked Conch. The reviews on Trip Advisor were very positive. This was the same location Scott and I had gone Scuba Diving (off a cruise excursion) a few years prior! It had a magnificent sunset. We were sorry that we had not gone for lunch as well. You can literally jump in the water and snorkel! It was a perfect night to dine outdoors. Beautiful view and pleasant breeze. The service was good (not stellar, but good enough) and the food was incredibly tasty! 

Westin Grand Cayman
Dinner at The Cracked Conch
Jumpsuit / Shoes / Bag / Earrings / Scott’s Shoes (Similar Color)
The Westin Grand Cayman

Well, there you have it. Five Days at the Westin, Grand Cayman on the Seven Mile Beach. (Actually SIX Days if you count the Saturday Departure Day?) It was a great trip. Now, tell me…. Have you been to Grand Cayman? Which is the nicest resort, island and/or beach you’ve ever been to? Let me know in the comments below.

Rachel Scheyer