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I wanted to share something I started at the beginning of Honey-bear’s school year. A weekday dinner menu. It’s working out great, so far. I’m wondering if any of you would benefit from something like this.

This weekday dinner menu is super extraordinary in many ways. First off, everyone knows what’s for din-din. The menu is structured, yet open-ended, so that there’s plenty of room for creativity, if desired. The meals, combined, offer a beautiful balance of meat, veggies, and grains. It is very easy to prepare them with clean, whole foods! Last but not least, food shopping is so much easier, and in the long run, cheaper.

weekday dinner menu can help a lot of moms or working women who don’t have any extra time to waste on… “What’s for dinner?” “Gee, I don’t know.” “What can you go for?” “Oh, you had that for lunch, already?” etc.

I can happily report that everyone at my dinner table is happy to eat these meals. Baby Banana. Her big sister. And, my husband!

So, here is what we’re eating for dinner Monday thru Friday, at The House on High Street.

Mondays – Chicken/Fish with Rice

Chicken with Rice

Monday nights have just gotten a lot better. I grab a quick rice that typically takes 7 minutes to make, and I grill or bake chicken, salmon, tilapia, or what have ya whichever way I prefer. If I’m super busy, it’s just going to be grilled with a steamed veggie. If I have more time, I may roast a whole chicken or pan sear something somewhat spectacularly. You get the idea. Think simple, but yum!

Taco Tuesdays

taco tuesday

I’m not claiming to be the first to initiate Taco Tuesday. In fact, I was a little bit salty when I found out Honey-bear’s school incorporated a Taco Tuesday on their lunch menu. (The nerve of them!) Taco Wednesday is not nearly as fun, so I’m sticking to it this way. Honey-bear will bring a packed lunch that day. Taco Tuesdays still have a lot of variety. Sometimes, I’ll switch up the shells, the meat, or the fillings. Sometimes it’s a taco bowl. And, so on.

Wednesdays – Pasta


Lately, Scott and I have been sneaking out on Wednesday evenings for a meal. Just us! I call it “Adult Swim Time”, and it’s a glorious thing. I also have an awesome sibling baby-sitting duo, whom not only do I LOVE, but Banana and Honey-bear adore! I think pasta is the easiest meal for either sister to make, even with all the varieties. Last night, I went wild, and left my girl with a jar of pesto.

Thursdays – Meat & Potatoes

Meat & Potato

As I write this post, I have a beautiful sirloin steak marinating in the refrigerator. (Yummy.) It took all of 4 minutes to prepare, earlier this morning. I chopped some fresh garlic and doused it with a bit of soy sauce. That’s all it took. On Thursdays, I’ll make steak, a roast, meatloaf, burgers, etc. Just some type of red meat with mashed, baked, roasted, or french-fried potatoes. Oh, and a salad or green veggie.

Friday – Pizza!


I know. Another universal trend. But, hey, even if the kids are eating pizza on Fridays in school, they will eat MORE PIZZA on Friday night. And, let’s face it, we are all exhausted by Friday to do much more than dial our local pizza joint. If  I feel like doing anything somewhat creative, I’ll give Honeybear a Boboli Crust and let her go to town!!

Well, there you have it. A weekday dinner menu of extraordinary, yet simple, meals. Let me know if you try this, or if you’re doing something else that works! xo

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