Warm & Cozy Winter Sale

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Christmas is over. For some of us, the winter season begins to feel dreary. The next three months are usually long and cold, in the northeast. There are a few things, however, that make this season warm and cozy. Warm fires, sweaters, comfy loungewear, soft pjs, fuzzy slippers, and faux fur blankets…to name a few. Thankfully, many retailers are hosting their annual Winter Sale. So, NOW is the best time to get whatever you need to stay warm and cozy!

Warm & Cozy Winter Sale

I don’t know about you, but I am a homebody. Yes, I love traveling. Going out for lunch or dinner. (It’s an excuse to wear something stylish!) And, I’d much rather be out with Chase, than stuck at home. But, during the winter months, my favorite place to be is H-O-M-E.

warm and cozy

With the New Year approaching, I dare you to designate warm and cozy days at home! Days you can stay in your pjs (or loungewear), sip on something hot, and read a book. (Or whatever relaxing thing you like to do!)

There are a few staples you may need. So, here I’m sharing some of my recommended items, currently on sale!

Warm and Cozy

Lounge Wear



Throw Blankets


Well, that should be enough to get you warm and cozy. Now I have a question for you book lovers! What book would you recommend? One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to make more time doing relaxing things (NOT SOCIAL MEDIA!) Share your recommendations, in the comments section.

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