Vision ~ The Distance Between Two Points

Extraordinarily Yours

There are a lot of women who are waiting for something. And, there are a lot of women who have given up waiting for something.

I once was that woman waiting for something. For a very long time, actually, I waited for something. I almost lost hope. Thankfully, by the grace of God, I formed a vision.

I had a vision of Mr. Right long before I met Scott.

Scott and I had a rough, and I mean ROUGH start as newlyweds. I can’t even understand, looking back, how we are that same couple. I was struggling so much with my health, at that time. I got to a point that I didn’t care about anything because I was feeling awful all the time. I sabotaged my relationship. Scott retreated and tried to convince himself that our marriage may have been a mistake.

I was already divorced before that. It was the worst and most depressing time of my life. It felt like a slow and painful death. (I hate even thinking about it.) I couldn’t wait to be single again. And, once that divorce became final I spent the next few years living like a narcissistic Prima Donna. Serial dating and almost forgetting my hopes and dreams of the life I had once imagined. (Wife. Mom. Homemaker.)

But, then I met Scott. He was the sweetest and kindest person I had ever met. Although we had many differences, we loved spending time together! The vision I once had of my soulmate started to come back.

We eloped after only 8 months of dating. We didn’t want to live together, but we wanted to spend every day together. The day we eloped was the happiest day of my life.

A part of me wishes we had waited. Our rocky start in our marriage would have been a lot less dramatic as boyfriend and girlfriend. That’s for sure. But, it’s part of our story, and I’ve come to appreciate those difficult times because that’s when I dealt with God and my faith.

When things got really bad, I prayed a lot. I felt God telling me to create a vision again. A vision of what I HOPED my marriage could be. And, I did just that.

I literally visioned Scott and I being kind and gentle to one another. Loving each other selflessly. Forgiving more easily. I visioned us as homeowners and parents (more on this in a bit). And, I visioned us as being an extraordinary couple. (Not perfect. Hayelll NO!) But, extraordinary.

When Scott and I finally got on the same page, my vision became a reality. I know that this was made possible because of my faith. (I think Scott knows this, too. ; )

VISION is what connects our faith to reality. 

Shortly after we got to that point, Scott and I made a decision to buy The House on High Street. I remember walking thru the house for the very first time. It was in such bad condition that it had literally sat on the market for YEARS. Our realtor had shown it dozens and dozens of times and nobody had a vision.

I had a vision as soon as I stepped inside. It’s almost as if I was following a beautiful scent. I went ahead of Scott and walked through every room of the house. (ALL THIRTEEN OF THEM.) I had a vision of what my kitchen would look like. (Ha. That was my first post! Remember that one?!) I had a vision of entertaining extraordinary individuals in my dining room. I even had a vision of holding a baby in what is now my sitting room.

Even though motherhood came in an extraordinary way…much MUCH later than I had hoped. Even though my marriage slowly evolved into an extraordinary and beautiful relationship…after one failed marriage and a very rough start on my current one. AND, even though my house originally looked like an oversized dilapidated eye-sore. I HAD A VISION.

I knew that the creator of this universe and the God that loved me and died for me would most certainly grant me the desires in my heart. I’m so glad I didn’t give up my faith.

Please don’t give up your faith.

Are you waiting for something right now? Maybe for your career to launch? To meet your soulmate? To become a parent? To own your home? Your own business? To become a missionary?

It is NEVER too late! 

Turn your desires into a VISION. I want you to literally visualize what it looks like. Write a list of the qualities you want in your soul mate. I don’t care how old you are! Draw a picture of your dream home. Start looking at baby clothes. (Again, I don’t care how old you are. HELLOO!??)

As a Man Thinks In His Heart: So He Is. Proverbs 23:7

Oh, and about that little voice in the back of your head telling you to settle for that mediocre relationship, that cubicle with no view, or your status as a God-parent. That’s not coming from God. That’s your enemy lying to you. He wants to rob you from God’s best. He wants you to give up your faith. Don’t do it.

I want you to see yourself as God sees you.

• God sees us Righteous: In right-standing with God : [2 Cor. 5:21]

• God sees us Healed and Healthy: [1 Peter 2:24 • Matt 8:17 • Ps 91:7-10 • Isaiah 53:1-5]

• God sees us Delivered from every situation, affliction, oppression, depression and attack of the enemy: [Col. 1: 12-14]

• God sees us Successful: well supplied, prosperous, a lender not a borrower, well able to contribute to every good work: [Deut 28 • Prov. 10:22 • 2 Cor. 9:8]

• God sees us in a Position of Authority: Head and not the tail / Above only and not beneath / More than a conqueror / Triumphant and Victorious [Deut 28 1-14 • Rom 8:37 • 2Cor 2:14 • 1Cor 15:57 • 1Jn 5:4]


And, I want you to look up what the bible says about VISION, here!

In my upcoming 13 week video series, Becoming the Woman God Wants… I want you to read and meditate on Proverbs 31 (vs.10-31) which describes The Wife of Noble Character. 

Whatever it is that she has or that she does… so can you.

I read this chapter while I was separated. I didn’t have a home. I had no children. But, I made the decision to make a VISION. That was my way of letting God know that I expected Him to provide. And, he did just that.

Friends, God loves faith that is bold. Perhaps that’s what is missing from your life. If you are settling than you are basically saying that God can’t do something for you. And, that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

It’s time to create a vision of the desires in your heart. Then, put your trust in the Lord and wait for Him to get you there.

Vision is the distance between two points: Faith and Reality. What are you waiting for?

EXTRA Ordinarily Yours

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