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It’s been exactly a year that Scott and I have lived in Historic Mullica Hill, in Southern New Jersey. I grew up and even worked nearby. So, living here is a little surreal. This is the town I love!

You’ve probably figured out that I love vintage and historical things. (The House on High Street, obviously!) I’m still learning a lot about this town, and discovering hidden gems in the nooks and crannies of little walkways off of Main Street.

Just yesterday, I took my mom, sister Gabrielle, and Banana out for lunch at The Blue Plate, on Main Street. We ventured into a few shops nearby, and for the first time I discovered a humongous Christian book store in an old church. I’ve never been in there before. It sold more than just bibles and Christian books. It had cards and gifts, kinda similar to a Hallmark. Or what a Hallmark what have been like back in the day, when this town was primarily built-up, by Quakers, in the late 1800’s.

The night before yesterday, Scott and I took Banana to get her picture with Santa at a nearby shopping mall. (Yes, the Santa was just fine!) On our way home (well, after stopping for dinner and a cocktail while Baby B was sleeping), we drove down Main Street, and I was captivated by the beauty of Christmas! Twinkle lights, everywhere. Wreaths adorned on lamp posts. Even a humble sized (yet, still large) evergreen, adorned as the town’s main Christmas Tree!


Tomorrow, is the Mullica Hill Christmas House Tour. I’m sure it will be great. (And, NO we are not participating in this anytime soon!) Not sure we’ll make it, as it’s a little tough going in and out of the car with Baby B. However, Scott and I are still enjoying our town. It’s beautiful at night, and it’s spectacular during the day.

I snapped a few photos, the other night, just to show you what I mean. This is just a fraction of my town. Mainly the businesses that are housed in historic buildings and homes. You can find more information about Historic Mullica Hill, here.

But, for now, I leave you with some photos. Just to highlight the “pretty” in the town I live in. The town I love!


Holy Tomato Pizzaria


Naples Pizzaria & Turner’s Treasures!
The Old Mill (The focal point of Mullica HIll!)
Harmony Fire Co.
Barber Shop
Mullica Hill Floral Shop


Hippie Chick – A Fun Boutique!
The Boujie Basement – My FAVORITE SHOP in Mullica Hill!!





The Blue Plate Restaurant This was where Scott took me for dinner, on one of our first dates.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour, down Main Street, in Mullica Hill. If you ever visit us, at the House on High Street, you’ll recognize some of the cozy quaintness of this town. This town that I love.

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